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Neighbourhood Plan

The Council set up a working party in June 2011 to look towards preparing a neighbourhood plan. This plan will follow the framework as set out in the Localism Bill that became law in 2012. A neighbourhood plan is the locally formulated views as to the development of a town or parish within a District. In order to be adopted it has to be voted on by a referendum. If the “yes” vote wins the Neighbourhood Plan then has to be adopted by the District Council.

Neighbourhood Plan


The Council have undertaken a series of consultations and surveys between 2011 and 2013 and consulted on a first draft in October 2013. The feedback from that consultation, and lessons learnt from emerging plans around the country have resulted in a review of the plan and a second consultation launched 9.00 am on 27 July 2015. This second draft complete with the sustainability appraisal will be consulted on for 8 weeks (the minimum is 6) as the summer period is covered.

Latest News

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