Please note that Turners Hill Road is now closed 24/7 from the junction of Brooklands Way Roundabout to Imberhorne Lane from 13 June - 14 October.

A road closure will also be in place on West Hill from the junctions with Brooklands Way to Queens Road from 22 August - 14 October. The current diversion utilises Imberhorne Lane as a relief road. This road closure is managed by West Sussex Highways, who can be contacted on 01243 642105.

About Council meetings

The Town Council is grateful for public interest in the workings of Council and the various Committees.

All meetings are set in the autumn for the following civic year (so in December 2016 the dates for all the meetings for all  the meetings for May 2017 to April 2018 were set). These are published in The Line and on the Town Council notice boards as well as the Town Council website – see right. The agenda for the meetings is also posted on the Town Council notice boards and website approximately a week before the meeting. You can look at the agenda and decide if you wish to attend.

Public questions

All committee meetings start with 15 minutes of time allocated to public questions. This allows questions concerning the committee to be asked. If possible they will be answered straight away but sometimes it might be necessary to take the question away. Questions need not be notified in writing to the Town Clerk in advance, but if you do so there is more chance of an answer being available on the night. The Committee are not allowed during public question time to discuss matters later on the agenda or give an indication as to how they intend to vote on a matter on the agenda.

Planning Committee: The public must always make direct representation to the District Council who are the planning authority.   The Town Council standing orders do allow for 2 representations maximum to be made at the planning committee both for and/ or against an application (maximum 4 speakers per application).  Those wishing to speak must register at the start of the meeting and a form will be available to register strictly on a first come basis.  Anyone wishing to speak is advised to read the standing orders that relate to public speaking (a copy will be available at the meeting and are on the Council website).  There is a time limit, there is no right of comeback and excessive questions will be curtailed by the Chair. Written representations that you wish to have considered by the Town Council must be received by the Town Clerk before noon on the day of the meeting.

Once public question time ends the public may only observe the committees work, they are not allowed to ask or offer additional information.


  • All full Committee and Council meetings are open to the public who may sit in the public gallery.
  • Meetings commence at 7pm with the exception of the Standing Committees in January (to discuss the budget) and Special Council meeting in June (to approve the annual accounts), which are held consecutively starting with Public Services and immediately following F&GP Committee respectively.
  • All Council meetings provide a maximum period of 30 minutes for public questions commencing at 7pm
  • All Committee meetings provide a maximum period of 15 minutes for public questions commencing at 7pm
  • Council and Standing Committee meetings are held at East Court Mansion
  • Some paper copies of the agenda will be made available for the public at the meeting but will not include the previous minutes, which will be available on our web site or, should a member of the public wish to have a copy provided, then that should be arranged in advance through the Town Clerk’s office.


It should be borne in mind that whilst minutes will generally be posted within four weeks of the meeting they remain as draft unadopted minutes until they are ratified at the following meeting of Council or Committee as appropriate.

Where appendices or attachments are referred to in reports and minutes these are not accessible on the site. Public wishing to view such documents may do so at the Town Council offices in East Court Mansion, Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 4pm.

Filming of Council meetings

Filming of Council meetings is permitted provided the person abides by the approved protocol. Please make the Clerk aware prior to a meeting that you wish to film so that all persons can be made aware.


The Council have now returned to face to face meetings. To ensure the meetings are Covid-secure numbers will be limited. Members of the public who wish to attend should email to reserve your space. The meeting will also be streamed via Zoom so please also email to receive the link. The email address is - your email should be received before 12 noon on the day of the meeting. If you are using the Zoom link and you wish to ask a question, please send the question before the meeting and it will be forwarded to the Chair. Please note if you turn up without your place being confirmed you will not be let in. If you are attending the meeting you must wear a mask until told you can remove it and please also use hand sanitiser. Track and trace will be in operation and temperatures will be taken. Please do not attend the meeting if you have had a high temperature in the past 48 hours, you have a new continuous cough, you have lost your taste and smell or you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days.