Benches/Memorial Benches

East Grinstead Town Council (EGTC) own and manage public benches on East Grinstead Town Council and West Sussex County Council Land only. Public benches sited on Mid Sussex District Council land are owned and managed by the District Council.

EGTC monitors and maintains a large number of memorial and public benches that have been purchased and donated over the years and placed around the town, East Court and Mt Noddy Cemetery.

EGTC’s bench policy ensures there is a clear and sustainable approach to the management of the benches for the mutual benefit of all.

Memorial/Commemorative Benches

East Grinstead Town Council recognises that the provision of memorial/commemorative benches within the East Grinstead Parish provides a useful and valued public amenity to a wide range of people.

  • New applications will be considered by the Estate Manager in consultation with the Town Clerk, taking into consideration location, accessibility, ambience, anti-social behaviour and purpose.
  • Applications for memorial benches not on land owned by EGTC are subject to the landowner’s permission.
  • Applications for memorial benches will unfortunately not be considered in the High Street or the McIndoe Lawn due to a lack of space. The Council is unable to hold a waiting list of donors.
  • New memorial benches must be made of recycled material resembling wood and will be of a single design which compliments any wooden benches which remain.
  • EGTC will keep the bench fit for purpose and clean.
  • Memorial bench donations will be recognised by way of one memorial plaque only. For consistency, memorial plaques shall be 150mm wide x 75mm high, with a maximum of 3 lines of engraved lettering.
  • EGTC accepts no liability for damage to any memorial bench or plaque from general weathering, vandals or third parties.
  • A donation of £920 (inclusive of VAT) is payable on approval of the application.
  • Please refer to the full Memorial/Commemorative Bench Policy on this page.

Applications should be made in writing using the Application Form, which can be accessed on this page.  The completed form must be sent by email to or by post to: East Grinstead Town Council, East Court Mansion, College Lane, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3LT.