Sponsorship Opportunities

East Grinstead Town Council offers a range of sponsorship opportunities to promote and advertise your company.

This is your chance to give something back to the community as the money raised through sponsorship goes towards the floral display of the High Street flowerbeds, hanging baskets, planters and the gateway signs to ensure the town continues to look its best.

Sponsorship policy

Any company / Organisations / Groups wishing to sponsor the East Grinstead Town Council must adhere to the guidelines:

  • must be legal, decent, honest and truthful
  • must not bring advertising or the council into disrepute
  • must conform to the British Code of Advertising
  • must respect the principles of fair competition

In addition, the council will not produce, endorse, or knowingly be associated with any company / organisations / groups that positively promote: alcohol, violence, tobacco, the sex industry, gambling, betting or which may have a negative impact on groups in the community because of their race, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, or faith.

The council’s Communications Team reserve the right to refuse any sponsorship deemed inappropriate.

Current sponsors

The East Grinstead Town Council would like to thank the companies, organisation & groups who currently support the town’s floral display.

Gateway planters sponsorship signs – 945 × 365mm

Turner Hill Road ×2 Garnham H Bewley www.garnhamhbewley.co.uk
Lewes Road  ×1 Garnham H Bewley www.garnhamhbewley.co.uk
Holtye Road ×2 Available
London Road ×1 Available

Planters sponsorship signs – 500 × 300mm

No 1, High Street RH & RW Clutton Property www.rhrwclutton.com
No 2, High Street RH & RW Clutton Property www.rhrwclutton.com
London Road ×3 Hunters www.hunters.com/about-us/offices/east-grinstead
King Street Provincial Windows Ltd www.provincialwindows.co.uk
The Library Kicks Dance East Grinstead kicksdance.co.uk/east-grinstead/
Fire Station ×2 South East Water www.southeastwater.co.uk
Clock Tower QVS qvsdirect.com

Flowerbeds sponsorship signs – 500 × 200mm

East Court Entrance South East Water www.southeastwater.co.uk
No 3 Flowerbed East Grinstead Meridian Rotary Club www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/homepage.php?ClubID=1561
No 4 Flowerbed Mason & Beer www.masonandbeer.co.uk
No 5 Flowerbed Caravan & Motorhome Club www.caravanclub.co.uk
No 6 Flowerbed Martells www.martells.co.uk

Sainsbury’s railings sponsorship signs – 945 × 365mm

Sainsbury ×3 David Foreman Carpets info@davidforemancarpets.com

Fire station stanchions sponsorship signs – 700 × 300mm

Fire Station ×2 Provincial Windows www.provincialwindows.co.uk

Lewes Road stanchions sponsorship signs – 945 × 365mm

Lewes Road ×1 Supreme Roofing & Construction www.supremeroofingandconstruction.co.uk

Sponsorship enquiries

To register your interest in sponsoring or discuss other sponsorship opportunities please email: communityservices@eastgrinstead.gov.uk