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Sports Development Group (Sports Council)

The Sports Development Group were set up by the Town Council for all sports clubs to come together and share good ideas, best practice and how sports can be developed across the town. East Grinstead is fortunate in that it has a plethora of top quality varied sporting clubs. All clubs and groups are invited to attend the meeting (and if you are new or have not come across the group before,  just come along and make yourself known, you are welcome to attend).

The group meet quarterly to receive an update on what is going on in groups, opportunities for grants, advice and how to access this.  The meeting is currently chaired by a Town Councillor however this is a meeting facilitated by the Town Council and is there for the clubs and groups to get something out of this and voice any concerns or needs.  The Town and District Council both send officers who can help signpost to bodies who may be able to help resolve a problem.  Sometimes the groups can help each other out.   This is networking, advice, help and camaraderie,  but so much more.


Sports Development Group

Our next East Grinstead Sports Council meeting will be on Thursday 30th September at 7.30pm. We shall again be using the Zoom platform since virtual meetings seemed to be the popular option for the time being, when we discussed it last time.

1Introductions and News – Bob Shelley

A chance to understand who is in attendance and to share some recent sports information and news.

2. School Sports Coordinator Funding 

Steve Hill, one of our two local School Sports Coordinators, reported at the last meeting that funding for both SSCO roles was being reduced and would in future only support one day release a week from their teaching roles instead of two. This will directly impact their capacity to continue to run the excellent programme of sports and festivals for all of our local schools.

We will report on our attempt to influence this situation, which, without a solution, represents a diminution in commitment to the contribution of sport and physical activity at a crucial time in our young people’s lives.

3. Skateboarding Participation and Development

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games illustrated the shift of the Olympic movement in embracing new disciplines. This is aimed at broadening the Games’ appeal to the global audience and making them more relevant across all age groups. Until its inclusion skateboarding had deliberately been steering an anti mainstream policy.

We will be discussing some ideas for supporting the development of skateboarding locally and may be joined by Will Clark, who is involved in the development of the sport in the UK.

4. Any Other Business

Your chance to raise, share or discuss anything you want with our group, of a sporting nature.

Please contact for Zoom meeting details.


The groups that currently attend the meeting and a contact for each is shown below: