Sports Development Group (Sports Council)

The Sports Development Group were set up by the Town Council for all sports clubs to come together and share good ideas, best practice and how sports can be developed across the town. East Grinstead is fortunate in that it has a plethora of top quality varied sporting clubs. All clubs and groups are invited to attend the meeting (and if you are new or have not come across the group before,  just come along and make yourself known, you are welcome to attend).

The group meet quarterly to receive an update on what is going on in groups, opportunities for grants, advice and how to access this.  The meeting is currently chaired by a Town Councillor however this is a meeting facilitated by the Town Council and is there for the clubs and groups to get something out of this and voice any concerns or needs.  The Town and District Council both send officers who can help signpost to bodies who may be able to help resolve a problem.  Sometimes the groups can help each other out.   This is networking, advice, help and camaraderie,  but so much more.


Sports Development Group

The next quarterly East Grinstead Sports Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th April at 7pm at the East Grinstead Town Football Club.

1. Sports Networking – All participants

A popular opportunity for our representatives to informally mingle, share their news and make new contacts.

2. Introductions – Bob Shelley

Before we move on to the agenda we’ll all introduce ourselves to each other.

3. Get to Know Our Clubs – Meridian Archery Club – Sarah Leeming

In the latest of our regular insights into local sports clubs Sarah will outline the history of the club and its modern day role in this ancient sport.

4. Sport for Veterans – John Harley

John is a successful participant in local and international multi sports events and will explain the attraction of participating in age group competitive sport.

5. Glendale – Nick Brooks – Regional Director

Nick will give us an introduction to Glendale and how they will work with Mid Sussex District Council as their new partner for managing local Green Spaces, including our public sports pitches.

6. Sports Updates – Bob Shelley

I will update you on some sports news items of topical interest.

7. Club Updates

Our Club representatives will share with us their current situation, their successes and any challenges they face.


The groups that currently attend the meeting and a contact for each is shown below: