District Councillors

Councillors representing East Grinstead on Mid Sussex District Council (2015-2019)

Margaret Belsey - Baldwins

Gotwick Farm, Holtye Road, East Grinstead, RH19 3PP

01342 321574

“Since my previous election as a Town and District Councillor I have been busy assisting residents in respect of personal, housing, highway, planning and financial issues.

In 2013 I had the honour to be elected Mayor and represented the Town at numerous events.”

Margaret has sat on two Scrutiny Committees at Mid Sussex District Council, and on the Public Services and Finance & General Purposes committees at East Grinstead Town Council.

She also works in the family’s firm of insurance brokers in East Grinstead, and is a Trustee of the town branch of Age UK

John Belsey - Ashurst Wood

Gotwick Farm, Holtye Road, East Grinstead, RH19 3PP

01342 321574

Edward Belsey - Herontye

Gotwick Farm, Holtye Road, East Grinstead, RH19 3PP

01342 321574

Liz Bennett - Ashplats

39 Copse Close, East Grinstead, RH19 3EF

01342 301007

“I’ve served as a Town and District councillor since 2007 and I’m dedicated to this town of East Grinstead as I have lived here all of my life.

I live on the Stone Quarry Estate with my two amazing daughters Emily 14 and Daisy 10. I know what it’s like to have to make ends meet and I genuinely care about people and want to help.

I’m keen to listen and to express the views of the people I represent and I want to make the wisest decisions I can, because I’m part of this community. I feel it’s important to be involved and to strive for a good quality of life for everyone.

I am most fulfilled in my work when I can make a difference to a resident’s quality of life.”

Heidi Brunsdon - Imberhorne

83 Blount Avenue, East Grinstead, RH19 1JN

07889 837362

HEIDI Brunsdon represents Imberhorne ward on the District Council.

Heidi and her husband have lived in the Imberhorne area of East Grinstead since 1996. They have two children – one at university, the other studying GCSEs at Imberhorne upper school.

Heidi entered politics following a successful campaign to oppose proposals for a relief road along the Worth Way.

She has served on East Grinstead Town and Mid Sussex District Council since 2007, and as a West Sussex County councillor since 2010.

Prior to this Heidi worked in public relations and marketing, and ran her own public relations consultancy specialising in the travel industry.

Her interests outside the Council are her family with whom she enjoys all outdoor pursuits. She is a strong advocate of the countryside and the environment, enjoys reading and is a keen dressmaker.

Edward Matthews - Town

3 Dexter Drive, East Grinstead, RH19 4SU

01342 301002

EDWARDS Matthews is town councillor for the Town ward, and represents Copthorne and Worth at Mid Sussex District Council.

He spent his early life in Reading and moved to Mid Sussex when he was employed as Chef/House Manager to a large country estate located just outside East Grinstead.

Now retired, he spends much of his time representing the local community.

He was a Governor at Estcots County Primary School for several years which he enjoyed, and has been a member of Copthorne Village Association since 2011.

He was first elected to Mid Sussex District Council and East Grinstead Town Council in 1995 and has been re-elected to MSDC every election since then.

He has served on a variety of committees and has a special interest in Planning issues

Edward was elected Town Mayor for East Grinstead in 2002/2003, and what little spare time he has is spent on his passion for gardening and reading.

Norman Mockford - Town

35 Dorset Avenue, East Grinstead, RH19 2AB

01342 325552


NORMAN Mockford was born and bred in East Grinstead, in the Baldwins ward, and is a Director of Blindmasters UK.

Norman is the Chairman of the Imberhorne and Baldwins neighbourhood panel and campaigns tirelessly to help others in the community, and is very proud of its achievements so far.

He is also Treasurer of East Grinstead in Bloom, regularly seen volunteering around the town, he is passionate about his local environment.

Norman was a member of the East Grinstead Lions, and enjoyed his time volunteering on their Book stall and manning the Saturday car park as well as other duties.

Norman’s aim is to forge community awareness so that all residents and businesses can work together for the common good of the town.

Peter Reed - Ashplats

38 Fulmar Drive, East Grinstead, RH19 3NN

01342 311926

PETER Reed represents Ashplats ward on Mid Sussex District Council.

He and and his wife Judy have lived in East Grinstead for 31 years, and his daughter was educated at both Blackwell Farm and Sackville schools before attending university.

Peter has worked in the Hospitality and Catering industry in the UK and Paris, and  was also a member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.

Now semi-retired, he occasionally works as an invigilator at Imberhorne School.

He is passionate about education having been a lecturer at Crawley College Hotel School for 15 years, and is a Governor at The Grenestede Academy, comprising Halsford Park and Baldwins Hill Schools.

A keen sportsman, Peter has actively worked with Mid Sussex Wellbeing promoting a healthy lifestyle for our residents, and is is Vice President of East Grinstead Rugby Club of which he has been an active member for 29 years.

Dick Sweatman - Herontye

81 Estcots Drive, East Grinstead, RH19 3YW

01342 322743

Dick Sweatman represents Herontye ward on the Town and District Councils.

He has lived in East Grinstead for the past 38 years and was elected Town and District Councillor for Herontye ward in 2011.

"I was tasked with organising the Queens Jubilee Parade through East Grinstead in 2012, and from that evolved the free summer events programme at East Court," he said.

He served as the East Grinstead Mayor for 2016-2017 and has represented the Council on several outside organisations throughout his term as a councillor.

Norman Webster - Baldwins

7 Newlands Crescent, East Grinstead, RH19 1LF

01342 317806

“I have lived in East Grinstead since 2001. My work background includes charity, medical equipment and running my own business. I served as Town Council Leader, prior to my appointment to Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet with responsibility for Economic Development.

In December 2013 I became Cabinet Member for Planning and now serve as Cabinet Member for Health and Community.”

Norman represents the Town Council on Queen Victoria Hospital’s Council of Governors and the East Grinstead Council for Voluntary Service, and works with the East Grinstead Business Association and Kingscote Valley Project. He is a member of Trinity Methodist Church, and a volunteer for arthritis related charities.

Peter Wyan - Town

7 Clays Close, East Grinstead, RH19 4DJ

01342 313985

PETER Wyan represents the Town ward on the Town and District Councils

“My wife and I came to East Grinstead 22 years ago, drawn not only by the character of the East Grinstead but also the excellent education provided by Sackville and Imberhorne Schools for our three children.

“When asked three years ago if I would consider being a Town Councillor, I was more than happy to do so because it gave me the opportunity to work towards giving back something of what the town had given my family and me.”

Since being elected in 2011, Peter has served as Leader of the Council, Chairman of Planning, Vice Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, as a Member of the Project EG Group and the Sports Developments Council, and also as Chairman of the Amenities and Tourism Committee.