Statement from the Town Council

East Grinstead Town Council fulfils a positive role at the heart of the community. Its functions are primarily providing services which enhance the local area; such as burial grounds, entertainment, civic pride and community buildings.

At the most recent Council meetings (8th and 29th January 2024), the Council heard a number of personal experiences laid as allegations which the Town Council does not have the powers to act on. As such we continue to urge the individuals concerned to address the allegations to the correct authority: The Police.

In order to protect those individuals making the allegations and given the nature of accounts, we have been advised that it is not appropriate for the comments to be published and/or shared on video sharing platforms. This is in the event that the content is proven to be defamatory and so as not to undermine any potential legal proceedings on the allegations in the future.

The Town Council and Councillors strongly deny any inappropriate relationship with any community group.

6th February 2024

Agendas, minutes and reports for Council meetings can be found below. Note that archived documents from previous years can be found in the archive.

Agendas and reports

Special Council Agenda - 20th June 2024
Agenda - 13th May 2024
Agenda - 8th April 2024
Agenda Annual Town Meeting - 26th March 2024
Agenda - 4th March 2024
Agenda & Report - 29th January 2024
Agenda - 8th January 2024


Annual Town Council - 13th May 2024
Minutes - 8th April 2024
Minutes - 4th March 2024
Minutes - 29th January 2024
Minutes - 8th January 2024


Recordings of virtual meetings can be found on our YouTube channel.


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