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March 2020

East Grinstead line re-opening after landslips

27 March 2020

We are pleased to say that we are on track to reopen the East Grinstead line from Monday.

The railway has been closed between Lingfield and East Grinstead since 12 February when a railway embankment near Cookspond Viaduct, in Dormansland, began to slide. Since then, no fewer than five further sites have suffered landslips on the route and Network Rail has been working with BAM Nuttall to repair the line.

Travel information from Monday

The line will re-open on Monday 30 March for key workers and passengers where travel is absolutely essential. Although the impact of Coronavirus could cause delay to the final works taking place over the weekend.

Passengers needing to travel should check with Southern before travelling as a revised timetable is now in place.

The first train from East Grinstead to London Victoria will be the 06:12, this service and all others in the revised timetable are dependent on staff availability due to the Coronavirus.

We know this is a crucial time, with key workers relying on us to get to their jobs. We would like to thank customers for their patience during this essential work.

Warning about Covid-19 Financial Rescue Package Scams

27 March 2020

Now that the Chancellor has announced the new Income Support Scheme for the self-employed, it is highly likely that a new wave of scam emails, calls and text messages claiming to be from HMRC will start to circulate. They will no doubt be offering financial help in exchange for your bank details etc. and probably contain a link where an email or text is concerned.

The messages will be scams – do not respond, delete immediately. HMRC do not contact people out of the blue asking for these details.

Be vigilant, stay safe.

Mid Sussex Marathon postponed

27 March 2020

The Mid Sussex Marathon due to be held over the Whitsun bank holiday weekend as been postponed.  The race will be scheduled for a later part in the year and all current entries are transferred.

Following today’s UPDATE UKA & HCAFS STATEMENT, the Mid Sussex Marathon 2020 is now postponed and will no longer take place on 23rd to 25th May 2020.

We are in the process of dealing with all the logistical difficulties this brings, such as checking venue availability and will try to reach a decision on a new date as soon as possible. Our aim is to hold the event later in 2020.

If you have already entered , we will contact you directly with details of your options once these are confirmed. Please bear with us in the meantime and keep checking back for updates.

Free on-street parking for social care and NHS workers during coronavirus outbreak

27 March 2020

Social care and NHS workers can now park free-of-charge in West Sussex County Council on-street spaces during the coronavirus outbreak.

It follows a central Government announcement that local councils in England should provide free parking in on-street parking bays and council-owned car parks for both groups of key workers.

Roger Elkins, Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, said: “Social care and NHS workers are doing a vital job, supporting the most vulnerable in our community during the coronavirus outbreak. It is only right to take away the worry of time restriction and cost as these two groups of key workers try to park safely, as close to their workplace as possible.”

Social care and NHS workers will be encouraged to display supporting evidence in their windscreens, such as photocopies of their work pass with sensitive information removed, or a letter of evidence from their employer. 

Local councils are also being encouraged to waive any fines incurred by health and social care staff while carrying out their duties in recent days. The staff are encouraged to appeal any fines, with supporting evidence of their work.

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, has announced that local councils in England are to provide free car parking for NHS staff and social care workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Home fire safety warning after bedroom fire

27 March 2020

Firefighters in West Sussex are reminding residents to take extra care with candles following a fire in a teenager’s bedroom on Tuesday.

Two crews from Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath were mobilised to a property on West Street, Burgess Hill, at 12.52pm after candles on the teenager’s bedroom window set fire to the curtains.

Upon arrival at the house, crews found the fire had already been extinguished by an adult living at the property, but crews offered some safety advice to the household and helped ventilate the property.

Ed Swain, Crew Manager at Burgess Hill Fire Station, said: “Luckily there was an adult in the property at the time when the fire broke out and he managed to deal with the fire himself upon hearing the smoke alarms actuating.

“With the latest advice from the government to help curb the spread of Covid-19, people should be staying at home and observing social distancing guidance.

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind people of the dangers associated with naked flames and candles and the importance of keeping them away from flammable materials. They should only be used in a proper candle holder, and they should be extinguished before you leave the room or go to sleep. Candles should never be left unattended.

“By following these simple steps you can enjoy having a candle lit, without putting the household at risk of fire.

“In this instance, it didn’t take much for the curtains to catch fire, and this had the potential to become a much more serious incident. There was a fair bit of heat damage to the curtains and the teenager’s bed, as well as smoke damage to the rest of the room.

“Fortunately this house also had a working smoke alarm fitted, which gave the family an early warning that something was wrong.”

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (WSFRS) have issued some home fire safety tips with more people working and being in the home due to coronavirus (Covid-19).

Advice includes:

Smoke alarms should be on every level of the home. Check they’re working regularly.

Avoid smoking in comfortable furniture or beds #DontSnoozeAndSmoke

Fires in chimneys can start at any time. Take this time to clean yours.

Electrical items should be checked, don’t overload plug sockets.

Try and be more careful in the kitchen. 50% of home fires start here.

You should close your doors at night in case a fire breaks out. This will help to contain the fire and prevent the spread of toxic smoke by up to 20 minutes.

Nicki Peddle, Head of Prevention at WSFRS said: “In these uncertain and difficult times we really want you to be as safe as possible at home. That is why we are offering some extra tips to help keep you and those you care for safe from fire.

“They are really simple things that we build in to our new routines, but they will have a big impact on reducing the risk of  a fire in our home.”

If you have a fire in your home – get out, stay out, call 999.

For more information on home fire safety visit:

East Grinstead Foodbank latest COVID-19 news

25 March 2020

Leisure, Learning and Lock-Down – Compass Card Online

25 March 2020

This update is from from Compass Card, via Mid Sussex District Council

The Compass team are working to keep children and young people with special educational needs, and their families, as well informed as possible, as well as providing them with links and resources to help with home schooling. With that in mind we’ve developed a resource on our website, ‘Leisure, Learning and Lock-down’. You’ll find it here on our Facebook page and also on our website here

Leisure centres closed

23 March 2020

This is an update from Mid Sussex District Council.

In line with government guidance, Kings Centre, The Dolphin and The Triangle leisure centres are now closed until further notice. Places Leisure has advised that Members will not be charged while the centres are closed.

Covid-19 Updates

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

The Government has issued advice about disposing of rubbish should you have a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in your household. Used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths should be put into a rubbish bag. The bag should then be put into a second bag and tied securely. You should then wait 72 hours before putting it in your outside bin. You are able to dispose of other household waste as normal.

Please continue to check for details of any impact to County Council services. We would also advise you to check any information or updates given by your local district and borough council, as they operate your waste and recycling collections and will be able to advise of any disruption or changes.

Household Collections

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

At the present time, household recycling and waste collections continue as normal across West Sussex, and we will be supporting our colleagues at the district and borough councils to enable these to continue, but would ask residents to be sensible about their waste production.

You can also find information about recycling and waste reduction on our website;

Closure of Household Waste Recycling Sites

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

All Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) across West Sussex are now closed until further notice due to the current Covid-19 situation.

This is to reinforce the need for social distancing, protecting staff and highway safety. 

With high numbers of visits, the risks of spread are greater and we cannot encourage this risk or guarantee visitor or staff safety at the HWRSs. We will be looking at measures that can be taken to enable us to re-open the sites safely, but for the time being we have no choice but to close them entirely. We will issue guidance on disposal of excess waste, with the focus on vulnerable and elderly residents in the first instance. Thank you for your patience and understanding and please check the West Sussex Recycles website for updates and further information.

Registration services – changes to service

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

Registration offices are currently closed in: Burgess Hill, East Grinstead, Littlehampton and Storrington but appointments are available at the main hub locations.

Registering a death: In light of the current guidance, we are asking that only the main person informing us of a death, attends the appointment. We would also ask that anyone who is in self-isolation arranges for an alternative informant who has not been in contact with anyone who has the virus to collect the Medical Certificate of Death and attend the appointment. We apologise for any upset this may cause, but hope you understand the importance of protecting everyone’s wellbeing. Please note, the above guidance relates to registration of death appointments.

Registering a birth: we would ask that parents consider keeping those attending the appointment to register a birth to a minimum where possible, accepting that both parents need to attend if unmarried.  

For further advice please ring 01243 642122.


Following the latest public health advice we have reviewed our approach to forthcoming ceremonies at both our WSCC ceremony rooms and Licensed Venues. We will be contacting couples directly to make them aware of the precautions we are taking to ensure we can deliver ceremonies in a safe way and will publish updates and responses to frequently asked questions on our website.

Understandably, we are dealing with an unprecedented volume of calls and are working our way through postponements, cancellations and questions, whilst dealing with the most imminent ceremonies first. We are committed to maintaining this service in these unprecedented times and adhering to the statutory minimum guidelines which require the couple, two witnesses and two registrars.

Care workers urgently needed – can you help?

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

The care industry will inevitably be under enormous pressure as the coronavirus outbreak develops. Our most vulnerable residents require round the clock care and a resilient workforce is required to look after their needs at this difficult time. If you are able to step in and take on a job in care please get in touch now. Don’t worry if you haven’t worked in care before as full training and on-going support is given. You may have worked in the travel, leisure and hospitality industries and have the perfect skills to work in care.

Our friendly Proud to Care team can help you find the right role – email now at or search for jobs here.

Explore the outdoors, responsibly

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

These are obviously very uncertain times. However, it is important people do still get fresh air and stay fit and well while closely following government guidance.

Spring is slowly arriving in West Sussex, take a moment if you can to think of your health and wellbeing and see our wonderful outdoors, while following guidance on social distancing.

To see what we have on offer in West Sussex, visit

Due to current circumstances all residents and visitors with bookings should contact the individual businesses to check their operating status, postponement and cancellation policies. For more information please click here.

All West Sussex Libraries closed until further notice

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

Following the latest Government advice, all 36 libraries in West Sussex are now closed until further notice.

Libraries provide a valuable service to residents and the library team are working on plans to offer a modified library service during these unprecedented times, which we will update people on as we know more.

For now, anyone who is currently not a member of their local library, but wants to join, can do so online.

Once registered, you will have instant access to the e-library service, where there are a range of downloadable books, audiobooks, magazines, comics and newspapers.

There are also procedures in place for anyone who currently has items on loan:

  • Library staff will automatically renew everything that is currently on loan and will continue to do so during the closures.
  • No fines and charges will be incurred during the closure.
  • Individuals do not need to call the renewals line to stop books and other items from going overdue.

More details will follow in due course, to keep up-to-date follow the library service on Twitter or Facebook.

Fire service on keeping vulnerable residents safe

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is offering alternative ways of ensuring vulnerable residents are fire safe in their homes during the coronavirus outbreak.

The service will be offering their free Safe and Well Visits via phone, Skype and by posting a useful resource document.

The visits are a way of offering advice on how to stay safe as well as smoke detectors and other specialist fire equipment free of charge.

General fire safety advice includes:

  • Smoke alarms should be on every level of the home. Check they’re working regularly.
  • Avoid smoking in comfortable furniture or beds #DontSnoozeAndSmoke
  • Fires such as log burners should be cleaned regularly, and guards placed around any open flames.
  • Electrical items should be checked, don’t overload plug sockets. Don’t leave anything on charge overnight.
  • Try and be more careful in the kitchen. 50% of home fires start here.
  • You should close your doors at night in case a fire breaks out. This will help to contain the fire/toxic smoke and prevent the spread by up to 20 minutes.

Book or refer someone for free Safe and Well advice here:

Staying healthy and well at home

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

Maintaining your general health and wellbeing at home will be important in the coming weeks. Try including these ideas in your routine:

  • Stay physically active – stand up from your chair regularly, move around your house, and try to get outside into the garden; check out exercise resources online, including Super Six.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty – eat a variety of food groups, including protein, dairy and at least five fruit and veg a day (frozen or tinned are good), and 6-8 mugs of fluid.
  • Keep connected to your friends and family – talk to people on the phone, by text or video call if you can.
  • Look after your mental wellbeing – keeping busy with hobbies or learning something new can help – this guide has lots of ideas.
  • Stay safe and warm at home – let natural light and fresh air in, and use this safety checker.

You can also find guidance on staying safe and well at home from Age UK.

Information for parents regarding schools

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

On 19 March, the Government updated its guidance for educational settings, which now asks that parents should keep their children at home, wherever possible. It also asks that schools remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

West Sussex schools are being asked to continue to provide care for a limited number of children – children who are vulnerable, whose parents are key workers and critical to the COVID-19 response, and children who cannot be safely cared for at home. Definitions of ‘vulnerable children’ and ‘key workers’ are provided in the guidance.

The Government has also published further information for parents and carers about the closure of schools and other educational settings, which will continue to be regularly updated.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update from WSCC

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

West Sussex County Council’s Public Health team is working closely with Public Health England (PHE), which is leading the national COVID-19 response and providing messaging for the public.

The latest Department of Health & Social Care and Public Health England information on COVID-19 is available to read on the Government website.

Public Health England has a regularly updated blog to answer many frequently asked questions.

You can help prevent the spread of germs and infection by following NHS advice:

  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell

Find out about how the coronavirus is affecting West Sussex on our website.

Emergency Action Group Helpline for the self-isolated

20 March 2020

We are concerned about the elderly and those with underlying conditions which make them more vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus and are living in the East Grinstead and outlying villages area.

From Monday 23 March a helpline for anyone in one of these groups whose household is self isolating will be set up where they can arrange for some shopping to be delivered, prepared food delivered, prescriptions collected, activities in the home or other small errands.

The number to dial will be 01342 323636 and press 1 if you are in one of the vulnerable groups.  You will then be put through to the helpline.   This help line will be operating from 9 am–4pm Monday to Saturday, prepared food orders must be received by 11am for same day delivery.

All our volunteers who deliver are coming from established organisations and will have ID.

We are looking to post flyers and posters but please also spread the word.

This initiative (East Grinstead Emergency Action Group) is being coordinated by several groups and businesses in the town including Age UK East Grinstead and District, the Mug Tree and the Town Council.

The council website will also include a list of restaurants and food businesses who are now offering a delivery service.

Revised GTR services and update on COVID-19 response

20 March 2020

There will be a gradual reduction in train services from the 23 March to culminate in a fully amended timetable from Monday 30 March.

To manage and protect train services for key workers, the UK rail industry is introducing a revised train timetable that is expected to be sustainable in this scenario. Our staff will keep people moving.

This timetable will be introduced gradually from Monday 23 March 2020 and will culminate in a revised timetable from Monday 30 March 2020. The timetable will remain in effect until further notice.

Information for customers to plan their journeys will be available on the homepage of any of our websites:

To provide a sense of what to anticipate, the fully revised timetable from the 30 March onwards will be an adaption of the existing Sunday timetable, with earlier start and later finish times to provide extra services for key workers.

This timetable provides existing customer familiarity and enables GTR to introduce a timetable with known driver planning, routes, train timings and interactions at sections of constrained infrastructure such as the Thameslink core between St Pancras International and London Blackfriars. It also means that interactions and connections with other non-GTR operated train services are known, robust, understood and stress-tested plans exist.

Tickets and refunds

Information on tickets and refunds is available on our websites, such as this link on the Southern webpage:

GTR are working closely with the Department for Transport to deliver our approach and have agreed the following changes:

Day tickets such as Anytime, Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak fares can be refunded in full without any administration charges if purchased directly from GTR (e.g. at a ticket office, via our websites etc). Third-party retailers such as may have different policies.

Advance fares such as Southern £5 advance fares (purchased for specific dates and times) can be exchanged for an alternative journey free of charge.

Under current policy, the customer relations team is ensuring that annual season ticket holders that expect to travel more than forty weeks per calendar year in future are making as informed a choice as possible in the circumstances before opting for a refund.

This is because annual season tickets are priced on the value of forty weeks of weekly season tickets, with twelve weeks free. This means that for a refund, our customer services team will work out how much it would have cost a customer to travel up to the point when they stopped using their season ticket using weekly season tickets. We will then refund the difference between that amount and how much a customer paid for their season ticket. Employer season ticket loan schemes are usually paid in ten, rather than twelve instalments to account for how the system works.

How to spot a loan shark?

20 March 2020

The England Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) recognise that this period may be one of increased financial pressure for some people. The Team is fully committed to ensuring that illegal money lenders (loan sharks) do not take advantage and profit from other people’s hardship.

The Stop Loan Sharks helpline service (0300 555 2222) remains open and fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage not only victims but friends, family members and the wider community to come forward if they suspect someone is suffering at the hands of a loan shark.

Certificate of Recognition for Inspector Pete Dommett

19 March 2020

Local Prevent Inspector Pete Dommett attended his last Public Service Meeting of the East Grinstead Town Council on 12th March 2020.

The Inspector was presented a certificate of recognition of his work as the Prevent Police Team lead for Mid Sussex over the past 3 years. Insp Dommett retires from the police force on 19th March.

Pictured with Chairman of the Public Services Committee Cllr Julie Mockford. (picture credit: F Visser)

East Grinstead Foodbank and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

17 March 2020

An update for both Volunteers and Clients

In response to the current, and changing, COVID-19 situation in the UK, the Steering Team of the Foodbank wanted to update you on our emerging plans both for support of Clients as well as keeping our Volunteers safe.

We continue to follow advice and guidance issued by HM Government & Public Health England.

For our Volunteers:

If a volunteer has any symptoms – or has been in contact with someone who has symptoms – please do not come into the Jubilee Community Centre (JCC), please review the latest government advice, and if necessary call 111 and follow their advice. If you need to self-isolate, and subsequently need help yourself, please call the Foodbank mobile on 07983 209940 and we will look to support, subject to available resources. If it comes to those over 70 having to self-isolate, please let us know, in confidence, and we will adjust our rotas accordingly. Your safety is paramount.

For our Clients:

Please also follow the advice as above.

For as long as is possible it will be ‘Business as Usual’. However, we are already experiencing shortages of certain items (see below). We may have to revert to Emergency Food Boxes, if shortages persist. There are no current plans to close the Jubilee Centre, but we have to be aware that this could happen. Whatever happens, subject to available food donations and volunteers, we are looking at a range of options, such as collect only from the Jubilee Centre or deliveries to the most vulnerable. Our Facebook page will have the very latest information at

For our Referral Agencies:

In extremis, you can email us with red vouchers or if you have run out of vouchers, a confidential email giving the same information as per the red voucher plus reasons for food crisis.


We have handwash, paper towels and surface cleaner readily available in both the Distribution Centre and Warehouse for every session.

We have asked our Distribution Centre Volunteers, if they believe a client is unwell, to request them to leave the JCC and we will arrange safe delivery of food to them subsequently.

We will review advice ahead of every session. We are not trying to alarm, but be pragmatic & sensible. This information will be updated as and when more information becomes available.

Stock update:

We currently need:

  • Milk – 1ltr long life green
  • Fruit juice -1 ltr long life
  • Tinned Carrots
  • Washing powder – tablets only (so we can share out)
  • Toilet rolls
  • Shaving Foam
  • Deodorant – both ladies and gents
  • Bars of soap
  • IN ADDITION we are VERY short of good quality strong BAG-FOR-LIFE type bags. PLEASE add one or two to your donation or recycle some of your old ones?


Four stations on Southern and Thameslink routes in the South to benefit from Network Rail-delivered accessibility improvements

16 March 2020

This is such good news for East Grinstead; the Town Council along with East Grinstead Disability Access have been disappointed so many times. It looks this time like we may finally get the accessibility issues addressed. We will of course watch how this unfolds.

Read more at…

Start of summer opening hours at Household Waste Recycling Sites

11 March 2020

(HWRS) in West Sussex will change to their summer opening hours.

This means the sites will stay open for longer to cope with the demand for services, which usually increases over the spring and summer months.

The summer opening hours will run until 30 September and can be checked online from 31 March.

Anyone visiting a HWRS needs to take ID with them to prove they live in West Sussex such as a driving licence. 

If you drive a commercial style vehicle you’ll also need to apply for a permit.

March is Wellbeing Month at West Sussex Libraries

11 March 2020

This month, libraries will be celebrating all the ways that books, reading and local libraries can help people stay healthy and well.

Special events taking place include Wellbeing MOT’s, NHS health checks, reminiscence taster sessions, story walks for children and games for families.

The libraries will also have their regular events, which are a great way to help improve your wellbeing on a regular basis. These include Knit and Natter, Relax with Colouring and ‘Melody for the Mind’, a singing group for people with dementia and their carers.

All libraries will also have displays of books chosen by library staff to lift your mood and help you feel better. The genres range from uplifting poetry to non-fiction titles with practical advice for difficult times.

All the events during Wellbeing Month (and throughout the rest of the year) are listed on the libraries page of our website.

Where your money goes

11 March 2020

If you’re interested in how your council tax will be spent over the coming financial year, you can find out more in our online council tax leaflet.  

Our new agreed budget means council tax will rise in April by 1.99% – plus an additional 2% for adult social care – making a total increase of 3.99%.

This puts the County Council element of an average band D council tax bill at £1,438.74 – or just under £4 per day. This is an increase of around £1 per week compared to last year’s bill.

You council tax makes up 32% of our day-to-day revenue spending. For every pound you give us we spend 35p on adults and health, 26p on education and children’s services, and 16p on environment, highways and infrastructure.

If you’re interested in our budget and where we’re investing money you can find out more in our recent news item.

Taking action against potholes

11 March 2020

West Sussex Highways continues to take action against potholes, with 2,479 repairs completed across the county in January alone.

Recent, frequent changes between cold temperatures, to mild/wet weather, and back again, have significantly increased the number of potholes on our roads. With the expansion and contraction caused by temperature change, deterioration will occur, resulting in new potholes.

However, pothole repairs are only part of the picture – we also have a pothole prevention strategy, and:

  • resurface whole/large sections of roads, removing all the surface and replacing with a new one on top;
  • micro-surface, where a layer of asphalt emulsion is blended with finely-crushed stone to seal the road surface;
  • use surface dressing, spraying the road with bitumen binder, followed by a layer of stone chippings which are then rolled in.

In 2019 to 2020, we invested a total of £8.9 million treating 806,000m2 of carriageway using these three methods. The draft 2020/21 programme is being finalised but will see further investment in West Sussex’s roads.

If you’re interested finding out more, visit our website for the full news story.

CANCELLED – EG Lions Diabetes Screening – Saturday 14th March 2020

11 March 2020

East Grinstead & District Lions Club have decided to cancel the diabetes screening event that was to be held on Saturday 14th March at St Swithuns church hall due to the current uncertain medical conditions faced by the nation.

The Club has a responsibility to both the public and its own members.

The club will endeavour to run the event at a future more settled time.

Mid Sussex Apprenticeship and Traineeship

6 March 2020

Spring Charity Feast 2020

5 March 2020

Virgin Media start dates

5 March 2020

These are the estimated start dates and are subject to the previous work ending as expected.  They may be a day or two different in reality.  We do not have end dates, all queries as to the works please direct to Virgin as per their resident letters.  We should be able to update Social media and the Website weekly as Virgin are able to advise.

Works Reference Project Application Status Works Type Street T/S? Works Status Address 1 Start End Works Location
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-08 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR N PROPOSED WORKS ASHDOWN VIEW 09/03/2020 13/03/2020 The whole of Ashview
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-05 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR Y PROPOSED WORKS HURST FARM ROAD 09/03/2020 26/03/2020 The whole of Hurst Farm Road
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-07 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR N PROPOSED WORKS SOUTHLANDS 10/03/2020 19/03/2020 The whole of Southlands
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-11 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR Y PROPOSED WORKS MILL WAY 13/03/2020 20/03/2020 The whole of Mill Way on South side
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-09 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR N PROPOSED WORKS MILL CLOSE 19/03/2020 25/03/2020 The whole of Mill Close
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-02 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR Y PROPOSED WORKS DUNNINGS ROAD 23/03/2020 04/04/2020 From o/s 139 Dunnings Road to s/o 2 Hurst Farm Road
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-04 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR N PROPOSED WORKS MORTON ROAD 24/03/2020 31/03/2020 From the junction with Dunnings Road to o/s 44 & 43
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-01 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR N PROPOSED WORKS STOCKWELL ROAD 25/03/2020 07/04/2020 From junction with Dunnings Road to O/S 41 & 48
NK111-EG-182988-AG01-03 East Grinstead Granted MAJOR N PROPOSED WORKS CORONATION ROAD 31/03/2020 09/04/2020 The whole of Coronation Road

More Information Regarding Virgin Media

3 March 2020

As the Town Council, we want you to be fully aware of the disruption that may be caused by Virgin Media coming to the town. Please see the below posters for an updated FAQ from Virgin Media. Included is a contact email address if you have any concerns. Virgin Media hope that their services will be available within the next two years to all the residents in East Grinstead.