East Grinstead Town Council is responsible for managing and maintaining trees located on land that they own at a total of eight sites: East Court Estate, Mount Noddy Cemetery, Dorset Gardens, a section of St Margaret’s Loop, Imberhorne Allotments, Turners Hill Road Recreation Ground, Queens Road Cemetery and Mount Noddy Allotments.

The Town Council manages and maintains trees located on land under license at a total of three sites:  High Street Flowerbeds, High Street & Jubilee Flowerbed, Moat Road (land owner – West Sussex County Council Highways), McIndoe Lawn (land owner – Mid Sussex District Council).

Please refer to the EGTC land ownership and MSDC land ownership maps for details.

East Grinstead Town Council’s tree stock is made up of a variety of deciduous and evergreen trees ranging from old historic boundary native trees to non-native specimen trees located on open space lawns and in formal landscaped gardens and cemeteries.

The Council ensure that its trees are managed in order to meet its statutory responsibilities and in accordance with our Tree Risk Management Survey.

The Council are committed to combine risk management with carrying out pro-active tree works to enhance the community spaces so that they make a positive contribution to the local environment while maintaining a safe tree stock.

Please refer to the Tree Policy for full details.

Memorial Trees

The Council are focused on planting the right trees in the right places and locations preferred by those wishing to plant and dedicate trees are not always suitable.  The Council cannot accommodate requests to plant memorial trees in East Court, however, will consider applications for Mount Noddy Cemetery.

Contact Details

Report any concerns regarding trees on Town Council land to East Grinstead Town Council by telephone 01342 323636 or email

The Council will endeavour to respond to all public enquiries within 10 working days unless otherwise stated.

For trees not located on Town Council land, contact Mid Sussex District Council by emailing If you believe the problem to be urgent, please telephone 01444 458166.

For trees affecting Highways or Pathways, contact West Sussex County Council online at or telephone 01243 642105.