Welcome to East Grinstead

Grit Bins

We are already receiving comments that grit bins have emptied, please know EGTC does not have grit to refill all 68 bins in the town nor resources to attend. WSCC have provided the grit for this winter, there are unlikely to be refills.

Temperatures are struggling above freezing, however they will dip again later, and more snow and ice thurs night/Friday. Please use the grit in the grit bins sparingly, they were full last week. You don’t need much to work and we cannot refill by Friday morning. Read more about Winter Maintenance.

Welcome to East Grinstead

Welcome to East Grinstead Town Council’s web site. The site has three objectives. Firstly, it aims to inform about the role, organisation and decisions of the Town Council; secondly, to provide contact details and a timetable of meetings and thirdly to publish the latest news and comment about issues facing the Town and its Council.