Winter Maintenance

West Sussex County Council Highways – winter gritting

Responsibility for salting and gritting both the roads and pavements rests with West Sussex County Council. The Highway’s gritting lorries work around the clock to keep the main transport links open treating 1,600km of the county’s roads as part of their precautionary salting network. West Sussex County Council are not able to undertake any of the following:

  • Hand treat footways / cycle ways or precincts
  • Treat private, third party or non-highway land.
  • Refill salt bins / replace Hippo Bags when stocks are critical

Gritting Routes

Using their interactive map, you can view a map of their permanent gritting routes, coloured by priority.

Please note: The system only provides information about whether a road is on a gritting route and does not tell you whether the roads will be or have been gritted.

You can see if their gritters will be in operation by following them on Twitter via the How we decide when to grit roads page.

Read more at West Sussex County Council’s Road Winter Maintenance.

Grit bins

Grit bins are not provided by West Sussex County Council; to support the local community the town Council provides 68 grit bins in strategic locations around the town which are filled by the County Council annually before the start of winter. The grit is for use on the public highway (pavements/roads) to assist residents where West Sussex Highways are unable to grit and is not meant for private driveways. The salt should be used sparingly as a little goes a long way.


  • You do not need to carpet an area with grit to achieve the desired effect. ‘Dusting’ the grit sparingly from a shovel will achieve the same effect.
  • Remember if you use all the grit in one area, others will be without.
  • Grit can be purchased from local building merchants and DIY Store for use on private drives and paths.

Refilling of grit bins

West Sussex County Council will not refill empty bins and the Town Council are only able to assist once the town centre pavement clearance has been completed and if stocks allow. Please appreciate that it may take a few days to get to the bins as resources will be very stretched, and unless WSCC offer more supplies it will be a partial refill only.

If you would like to report that a grit bin is empty – please email The Town Council have no ability to deliver to areas where there are no grit bins.

Additional grit bins

The Town Council is not able to provide any additional grit bins, and there is no waiting list.

This decision was originally agreed by the Amenities and Tourism Committee in 2013 and revisited in 2021.

East Grinstead Town Council – winter gritting

The aim of the Town Council’s Winter Management Plan is on maintaining access to town centre pavements and its surrounding areas and ensuring that people can safely move about in the main areas of the Town.

Gritting routes

The Town Council co-ordinates a small team of outdoor services and office staff; these resources do not allow the Town Council to attend any areas not shown on the map. In the event of concerns as to safety on the roads or pavements we must refer you back to the Highways Authority West Sussex CC.

You can view the route on the map available here.

Supporting your neighbours

Severe weather conditions can be life threatening, especially to those who are less likely to be able to look out for themselves. During these times, you can help your more vulnerable neighbours by calling in on them to check that they are warm, well and have sufficient food supplies.

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