Mid Sussex District Council and East Grinstead Town Council Elections

Elections will take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019.

Please see the below link to the Mid Sussex (Elections Authority) District Council where all the notices will appear  advising on how to become a candidate (nominations open on Tuesday 19th March)


The Closing date for nominations is 3rd April (received by Mid Sussex District Council by 4pm)

The Count will take place on Friday 3rd May,  and the election results will be posted on the Mid Sussex website once they are made known.  A link to the results will be placed on this site as soon as possible after the elections

Please note that the Town Council is not able to accept your nomination forms, they must go to Mid Sussex District Council.

East Grinstead Town Council

If you would like more information about becoming a Councillor please contact the Town Clerk by email at townclerk@eastgrinstead.gov.uk

For Attention of All 2019 Election Nominees

The Electoral Commission (EC) advised that changes have been made to legislation enabling local election candidates to withhold their address from the ballot paper and the statement of persons nominated, if they wish. This required the EC to make a number of consequential changes to the Nomination forms. Accordingly, the suite of Nomination Forms published at the Mid Sussex District Council website has now been updated to include the required legislative references and to include the new form – 1b ‘Home address form’. Completion of nominations using the new forms is required, so if you had downloaded the previous version(s), please delete these and instead download the new versions.

Clarification re: Nomination Form 1b

MSDC have advised that they have been asked to clarify that Proposers and Seconders to a candidate nomination can also be the Attestor to the Home address form 1b. They have confirmed  that there is no reason why they cannot. And they are  holding as valid any nominations where a Proposer or Seconder is also the Attestor to Form 1b.

They also ask that nominee remember the Attestor to Form 1b and the Witness to Form 1c must be the same person.

Any Further Clarification needed should be sought from Mid Sussex DC Elections (elections@midsussex.gov.uk)