History of Mount Noddy cemetery

Mount Noddy cemetery was opened in 1916 and is located at Blackwell Road, East Grinstead, RH19 3HP. It comprises 9 acres of burial grounds, bordered by mature trees, and shrubs. The cemetery was originally organised in order that grave plots would be designated by denomination, and this has continued to this day with separate areas for Church of England, Catholic, and Non-Conformist burials.

In addition, an area of the cemetery is set aside for the burial of children as well as a Garden of Remembrance for cremated remains. Military graves are in evidence discernible by their distinctive Commonwealth War Grave Commission (CWGC) headstones, and you will find more information below about these along with other graves. More recently the cemetery has seen the dedication of a Memorial for the Unborn, evidenced by a unique sculpture erected in the autumn of 2001. (In Section 1U)

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