East Grinstead recognised as a Dementia Friendly Community

2 October 2018

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East Grinstead has been officially recognised as a Dementia Friendly Community by the Alzheimers Society.

The recognition is actually that the town is Working to Become Dementia Friendly as there are always new businesses and always ways to improve. However to be recognised the Town has had to show that it has taken steps and has a plan to do more.

Stickers like the one shown will be issued to the 28 members of the East Grinstead Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) for display at their place of business, but will say 2018-2019 and run through to the end of 2019. To be re-accredited for 2020 the business or organisation will need to update their action plan and comment on the success of their previous plan.

Councillor Julie Mockford Chairman of the Town Council Public Services Committee who receive reports on the work of the East Grinstead Dementia Action Alliance was really pleased with the news “The DAA have worked really hard to get this initiative to take off in East Grinstead, there is so much more that can be done but we are thrilled that East Grinstead has been recognised as a Town that is working towards helping those who are living with Dementia”

Julie Holden Chairman of the East Grinstead DAA said “So many people have contributed to this, and the community has really responded, we will continue with awareness and signing groups and businesses up to the process to make sure that we retain this accreditation, I am particularly grateful to the steering group members who are working so hard to spread the word”

Any business or organisation that wants to sign up can contact the DAA at townclerk@eastgrinstead.gov.uk