WSCC 2020/21 budget proposals up for scrutiny

29 January 2020

The Performance and Finance Scrutiny Committee will meet in public next Wednesday 22 January to go through the proposals for how the council will spend its budget for 2020/21. 

The committee, made up of members from all three political parties, will look carefully at the proposals and put forward comments or recommendations for the Cabinet to consider on 28 January, ahead of Full Council in February, when the final budget is agreed.  

Despite saving almost £240 million over the last ten years, there are still more savings to be made to address the £45 million budget gap over the next three years. The proposals will set out how the council intends to provide vital services to our residents in a cost effective way. 

The committee will meet at County Hall Chichester at 10.30am. You can attend the meeting in person or watch it online via our West Sussex Webcasts page. Final proposals will go to Full Council on 14 February to be formerly approved. 

For further information about the council’s financial position visit: or sign-up to the Budget Challenge mailing list.