Town Council sets Precept for 2013/14

12 February 2014

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EAST Grinstead Town Council set its budget and precept for 2014/15 on Monday night. The precept is set to rise by 2.5% to £68.71 per year per band D property. The annual rise ranges from £1.12 for a Band A to £3.37 for a Band H property. The annual Band D rise is £1.69.

Council Leader Rex Whittaker said: “The Council has lost £30,000 in real terms from its income this year as the District Council is not passing on the government grant to offset the effect of the local council tax reduction scheme. Passing this along could have meant a 4% increase on the tax however the Council has reserves and is looking to cushion this change by a modest increase this year.

“We are also going to take the opportunity to use some of the Council’s reserves to carry out longstanding repairs to the Council’s buildings. These need constant maintenance but investment is also necessary to ensure that they remain in public ownership and available for public hire.

“The Town Council services include graffiti removal/ public works for the County Council/ civic planting/ street furnishings/ town events and promotions. The Council also gives financial support to business initiatives and many local community organizations; as the national picture contracts, support to the local community is essential through small grants.”

The total East Grinstead Town Council band D council tax, equates to less than £1.32 per week, comparing favourably with other consumer costs such as a family sized loaf of bread at £1.35.