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Staying healthy and well at home

23 March 2020

This is an update from West Sussex County Council.

Maintaining your general health and wellbeing at home will be important in the coming weeks. Try including these ideas in your routine:

  • Stay physically active – stand up from your chair regularly, move around your house, and try to get outside into the garden; check out exercise resources online, including Super Six.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty – eat a variety of food groups, including protein, dairy and at least five fruit and veg a day (frozen or tinned are good), and 6-8 mugs of fluid.
  • Keep connected to your friends and family – talk to people on the phone, by text or video call if you can.
  • Look after your mental wellbeing – keeping busy with hobbies or learning something new can help – this guide has lots of ideas.
  • Stay safe and warm at home – let natural light and fresh air in, and use this safety checker.

You can also find guidance on staying safe and well at home from Age UK.