Join us on World Environment Day and take action now to reduce the impact of Climate Change in West Sussex

5 June 2019

A major campaign to encourage us all to play a part in reducing the impact of climate change has been launched today by the County Council.

The West Sussex Climate Pledge asks everyone in the county to commit to making small changes in key areas:

  • Make low carbon journeys – reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.
  • Save water and energy – conserving the resources around us and opting for renewable energy sources where possible.
  • Pass on plastic – avoiding single-use plastics and recycling wherever possible.
  • Shop local – using local produce, from local stores, to support the economy and cut down on the distance goods are transported.
  • Fight against food waste – avoiding the wasted time and energy it takes to produce food and the cost and environmental impact of disposal.

With over 850,000 people living in West Sussex we can all work together to make a change.

Find out more and make your pledge by: