East Grinstead’s Safe Places

East Grinstead Is a Safe Place. Let’s Make It Safer. For Everyone.

A network of Safe Places that act as temporary refuges, is now being established throughout our community.

Vulnerable people can apply for a Safe Places card which has the names and numbers of relatives or friends who can be called for help if they feel vulnerable, scared or anxious while they are out and about. They may also need help with more serious issues such as bullying and harassment or theft for example. It can be anything and it can happen to anyone. The Safe Places are there to keep you safe until help arrives.

If you would like to join for FREE, or you know someone who may like to join the scheme please use the application form to the right, or contact us.

Businesses and organisations can register to become a Safe Place too!

If you would like your place of work to become a registered Safe Place, please see details here. Staff in the Safe Places receive training,so they are prepared to offer a welcome and support.