Greener Grinstead

This section provides information on ways to live greener in East Grinstead. See various fact sheets linked on the right hand side of this page.

Climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today. East Grinstead Town Council, one of England’s 9,000 parish and town councils has an opportunity to play a part in reducing the emissions that cause climate change. This can be by taking action in the buildings we use, including energy efficiency measures, facilitating local farmers’/producers’ markets that support the local economy and supporting public transport provision, which gets isolated people out and about.

As holders of the local public purse the Town Council wants solutions that saves the council money and reduces the burden on local taxpayers. In its community leadership role the Town Council wishes to work with individuals and organisations to help understand climate change and the importance of sustainable energy, how it impacts on everybody, and how each can make a difference. To this end Councillor Heidi Brunsdon has been appointed as the Councils ‘green champion’ and leads the Council’s Environment Working Party. The articles that can be accessed from this page have all derived from her and the work she leads on.

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