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Italian Market

As part of “FEast Grinstead”, on Sunday 1 October we will bring our stalls to East Grinstead for (only) the second time, offering fresh Italian produce of the highest quality.

So many things can be associated with Italy such as fast cars, sunshine and football, but undoubtedly the biggest thing is food. Italy’s passion and love for food is second to none. Discussions about how to cook pasta sauces and what goes with what start on the school playground and becomes part of the culture as you grow up.

Italia in piazza shares this passion and love for food. We bring you real Italian food, made in Italy, right to your neighbourhoods throughout England. And when we say made in Italy we mean real Italian foods served by real Italians! The only market of its kind in England.

As part of “Feast Grinstead”, on Sunday 1 October we will bring our stalls to East Grinstead for only the first time, offering fresh Italian produce of the highest quality. We will be part of the first East Grinstead Food and Wine Festival to be held at East Court.

All our stall holders are Italian and enjoy talking and exchanging recipes with customers so make sure you visit the Food Festival when we set up in East Court, for what will no doubt become a regular event in East Grinstead.

“I love sharing my passion of Italian cheeses with my customers and look forward to in East Grinstead. I always bring new and exciting cheeses as well as the popular ones and am happy to suggest recipes that would go well with my products”. Lorenzo, cheese stall.

“I am always busy when taking part in exciting new food festivals! My customers genuinely love my food especially my sausages & Arancini!” Giacomo on the Panini Stall.

We’ll be setting up in East Court and open from 10am until everyone goes home! Please come along and take a look at what Italy really has to offer. Our prices are lower than other outlets and markets. In fact they are almost the same price you would expect to pay in Italy, but with no need to take a flight! Just pop on the bus, jump in the car or take a stroll down to #feastgrinstead, the East Grinstead Food & Wine Festival in East Court on Sunday 1  October and see for yourself!

The produce on offer will be:



A choice of stunning Italian classics, such as the famous parmesan wheel and gorgonzola dolce as well as typical traditional local cheeses, which include goats, sheep and cows milk cheeses. Many derive from the alps & from the dolomites. If you are not familiar with any of our cheese then ask to taste them!

Cured meats

Range from the classic prosciutto crudo, to the delicate yet distinctive beef bresaola. Our range also includes classic salame from Napoli, pancetta and mortadella with pistacchio.

All of our cured meats are gluten free!


A fantastic array of speciality pasta, which includes black squid Ink & chilli pepper extra-long spaghettoni. Various types of tricolore pasta and many more other types of diverse pastas will also be on offer. The unique feature of our pasta is the quality of the ingredients and machinery used to make it. They come from Gargano in Puglia where they’re renowned for producing high quality pasta.


In addition many kinds of traditional Italian herbs & spices will be on sale, such as herbs for bruschetta, pesto, herbs for grilling foods as well as many types of chilli herbs and other mouth-watering combinations.


Olives of the finest quality! We have olives hand-stuffed with a variety of fillings such garlic, anchovies and chilli. We also have mix antipasto, marinated olives, grilled black olives and the large green plain olive, known as Verdolina.

Our olives are hand prepared and carefully selected for quality. Just try one to taste the difference!

Biscotti e Dolci

Seasonal biscuits, cakes and pastries of the finest quality which include cannoli, crostatine and codine, which look like mini croissants filled with chocolate, lemon or hazelnut cream. We also have packets of classics on sale such as amaretti and cantuccci biscotti!

If you are a fan of Nutella then this is definitely the stall for you as many of our biscuits contain real authentic hazelnut chocolate known as gianduia!

Extra Virgin Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars

Fine extra virgin olive oils from Martina Franca in Puglia, which are all produced from the first cold press. They all have their distinctive flavours depending on the type and how they are produced. They can be used for doing “soffritto”, on salads or as dips with breads. Simply try and experience the tastes of one the finest range of extra virgin olive oils Italy has to offer!

We have a selection of fine balsamic vinegars, both young and mature, which are all authentic and of a high quality, at very reasonable prices! Stop off at this stall and try each and every kind of oil or vinegar before you buy. Ask for recommendations on how to use the oils or which one is best for you. Various aromatic oils may also be available, such as chilli & lemon oils.

We also take orders should you wish to buy 10 or 25 year old balsamic or larger quantities of extra virgin olive oils – ask the stall holder for more details.


Torrone is the famous nougat cake first made on 25 Ocober 1441 in the village of Torrazzo, near Cremona, for a royal wedding reception. Since then this fantastic product has become famous all over Italy and beginning to make its name around the world. Soft nougat’s main ingredients are honey, egg-white & nuts and come in over 30 different flavours. Apart from Amaretto and Stracciatella flavours, they are all gluten free!

Croccante (brittle), which is caramelised honey and nuts, is also available. Different types include hazelnut, almond or walnut.

Gastronomia – Hot Foods*

Hot foods are available at the Italian Market. They normally consist of the following choices:

Italian 100% pork sausage in panino

Succulent sausage sliced in half, griddled and cooked from the inside-out and served in a small ciabatta. The sausages used are the classic Italian sausage and are gluten free!

Arancini di Riso

Risotto balls of rice stuffed with various fillings such as ham and cheese or spinach. These are a Sicilian speciality from the roots of Palermo. They can be warmed up to be eaten onsite or taken home.

Pizza Calzone

A pizza folded in half with different fillings.

Authentic pizza base and fillings such as ‘nduja (spicy salame from Calabria) or polpette meatballs gives this calzone a true taste of Italy.


Mini pizza margherita ready to eat or to take home!

Other savoury products may also be available, such as spinach & ricotta slice. These are known in Italy as crostate salate and come with different fillings.

Speciality Breads

We have a fantastic selection of speciality Italian breads on sale. These include the famous focaccia, the traditional ciabatta and the pagnotta, which is a traditional country loaf.

All the breads are baked in England but are baked using continental ingredients to bring you the true Italian flavour. No flour improvers are used and all breads are baked on each morning of each market day so make sure you buy your bread early to avoid disappointment!

*(Some of our products are seasonal and are subject to availability and/or change)