Dementia Friendly East Grinstead

The East Grinstead Dementia Action Alliance has registered with the National Alliance to help make East Grinstead aware of dementia and how to interact with and understand those who live with dementia better.

The Alliance has registered the following Objectives and Aims:

East Grinstead Dementia Action Alliance Overarching Aims

  • Support the aims of the Alzheimer’s Society and the Dementia Action Alliance, and the National Dementia Declaration.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of dementia in East Grinstead and surrounding villages.
  • Assist in helping to make East Grinstead and the surrounding villages a dementia-friendly community.
  • Provide information on local resources and support facilities.
  • Encourage people with dementia and their family and carers to seek guidance and support.
  • To establish a Dementia Alliance Steering Group to oversee and ensure continued development of action plans.
  • Encourage organisations and businesses to become part of the East Grinstead dementia action alliance.
  • Work with Other alliances, councils and organisations to share experience and good practice

Objectives for 2017

  • To hold an open day / coffee morning in June at Mill View (drop in to register with DAA or just chat about dementia services in the town).
  • To encourage champions to organise dementia friends awareness sessions utilising East Court, Mill View, Glen Vue and Waitrose.
  • To release 4 press releases to continue the community awareness focusing on events or actions
  • To participate in and promote the Mid Sussex Dementia day in conjunction with BHDAA and HHDAA
  • To organise a Dementia Forum at the latter part of next year – update this has been overtaken by the Well Being event in October which we are attending and delivering a dementia awareness session

The Alliance is chaired by East Grinstead Town Clerk Julie Holden ( and the Secretary is Kate Bennett (

The Alliance is registered with the Dementia Action Alliance run by the Alzheimers Society and the alliance uses that page to register new businesses that sign up to DAA and their action plans.

Dementia affects 1:14 people over the age of 65. It is a growing condition in the UK and the more people who understand it and have an appreciation of the way that it can affect people, the more chance we can ensure that those who live with dementia are treated well and helped to live as well as possible.  Dementia can be a long term condition and the progression can be slow or fast depending on the person. Dementia affects everyone differently.  If you wish to become a dementia friend (a one hour session to make you aware of the affects of dementia) please contact the alliance or the Alzheimers Society who can advise you as to whether there are any sessions due to be run in the area.  Sessions for businesses can also be run by arrangement.

If you would like your business to register with the East Grinstead DAA please contact Julie or Kate as shown above.