Mid Sussex District Council has recommended a revised draft of the District Plan for public consultation, to ensure the plan remains up to date, properly plans for infrastructure to be delivered alongside new homes, and protects the district from speculative, unplanned development.

East Grinstead residents are invited to a public consultation and exhibition for the proposal of new homes and community facilities on the land west of Imberhorne Lane, East Grinstead. If you have any comments on the proposal, please direct them to the District Council by emailing planninginfo@midsussex.gov.uk. Please click this link to access the consultation.

The Fairy Trail

If you go into the woods today, you’re sure to be surprised.

Behind the play park at the top entrance to East Court, hidden amongst the trees is a Fairy Trail. Although not very long, the trail is perfect for little ones and the woodland path allows all to use and enjoy the existing woodland. Keep your eyes peeled as you take a wonder to see if you can find the fairy doors hidden in the trees, count the toadstools, spot the bug hotels and spy the small wooded animals. Alternatively, rest for a while, reflect and just enjoy. Rain or shine, sheltering in the woodland makes for a memorable experience with the addition of a picnic area and the play area.