Essence of East Grinstead in Art

East Grinstead Town Council has teamed up with Jenny Watson to help showcase historic landmarks of the town. These colourful, bespoke planters along Railway Approach showcase East Grinstead’s many historic buildings and landmarks and brighten the street.

The artworks were hand drawn, by Jenny Watson and digitally coloured by a local business The Sign Company; printed onto vinyl and wrapped around the planters, working in one continuous loop around each pot. The planters add a real sense of vibrancy to the town during the greyer months.

The Christopher Estate
London Road near Railway Approach
From Station to statue Town Trail – page 14
London Road home of Martells
Cinema Treasures – Whitehall Palace Cinema
The Old Lockup
High Street opposite Sackville College
Prison History – East Grinstead Lock-up
East Grinstead Delivery Office
(Formally the Old Post Office)London Road junction of Queens Road
British Post Office Buildings and their Architects – East Grinstead Post Office and Telephone Exchange
East Grinstead War Memorial
High Street within the War Memorial flowerbeds
IWM – East Grinstead – WW1 and WW2
Bow Bell Marker

Lewes Road by lamp column 49

About EG – Industrial Archaeology of East Grinstead
The Old Convent
Sister Ann Way
The Old Convent East Grinstead from 1870 to the present day
The Fountain
High Street
East Grinstead Museum – Restoring East Grinstead’s Drinking Water Fountain
Garden Wood Road
Wikipedia – Imberhorne Viaduct
Guinea Pig Club
(Guinea Pig Bench)
Sackville College, High Street
East Grinstead Museum – Guinea Pig Club
Sackville House
High Street
The Landmark Trust – Sackville House
Amherst House Annex
68 High Street
Historic England – Amherst House and Annexe to West Sackville House
The Radio Centre & Caffyns’ Motor Garage
King Street — Now the site of The Atrium & The Travel Lodge
East Grinstead Living
Bow Bell Marker
London Road opposite Felbridge Close
About EG – Industrial Archaeology of East Grinstead
Ship Street
The Gatehouse
McIndoe Statue
Sackville College, High Street
Visit East – McIndoe Memorial Statue
Queen Victoria Hospital
Holtye Road
Wikipedia – Queen Victoria Hospital
Meridian Mark 0°
Located across the Town
The Greenwich Meridian
War Memorial WWII
Garden of Remembrance – East Court
IWM – East Grinstead WW2
Meridian Line
Rolley Terrace, East Court
Visit East – Millennium Stone
Toll Notice
‘Issued to travellers passing through the toll gates. The charges varied for different users. People on foot would pay 1d, a horse and cart would cost 6d.’
East Grinstead Museum – Turnpike Tickets
St Swithun’s Church
High Street
Sussex Parish Churches – St Swithun
Guinea Pig Club
‘Requirements of membership: To be an allied airman who had suffered burn injuries in the war and had undergone at least two operations by McIndoe at the Queen Victoria Hospital’.
RAF Museum – Guinea Pig club
Sackville College
High Street
Sackville College
Annex to Cromwell House
High Street
Tudor East Grinstead
Amherst House
High Street
Tudor East Grinstead
East Grinstead Town Museum
Cantelupe Road
East Grinstead Museum
Sackville Ounce or Snow Leopard
Sackville College, High Street
Sackville College – Sackville Ounce or Snow Leopard
East Grinstead Masonic Centre
St James Road
Three Counties Lodge
Bow Bell Marker
66 London Road
East Court Mansion
Home of the East Grinstead Town Council, East Court
East Grinstead Town Council – East Court