East Grinstead Town Council » News http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk Located in the South East of England at the meeting point of the four counties of East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and West Sussex. Tue, 21 Oct 2014 10:15:46 +0000 hourly 1 Beware of imposter East Grinstead Town Council cold callers http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/beware-of-imposter-east-grinstead-town-council-cold-callers/ Tue, 21 Oct 2014 10:15:46 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7839 An imposter claiming to be from East Grinstead Town Council cold called one of the town’s residents offering help and advice with accident claims.

We want to stress that no genuine East Grinstead Town Council member,  employee or anyone connected with East Grinstead Town Council would ever phone, text or email someone out of the blue.

If you get a hoax call, text or email about things such as loan offers, help with debt problems or accident claims – it is almost certainly a scam.

Make sure you:

  • Don’t give or confirm any personal information
  • Report the call immediately to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or www.actionfraud.org.uk/report_fraud
  • Never give any financial information (bank card details, pin numbers, pass words)
  • Hang up as soon as possible and do not engage in conversation with the hoax caller.

Please remember that once a hoaxer has any personal or financial information about you they can try an access your bank accounts, credit cards and can also apply for loans and order online purchases.

Ashplats volunteers scoop prestigious award http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/ashplats-volunteers-scoop-prestigious-award/ Fri, 17 Oct 2014 15:04:13 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7834 THE volunteers of the Ashplats Conservation Group received a prestigious award in the New Sussex Landscape category from the Council for the Protection of Rural England on Thursday.

The award was for a flight of steps across steep and muddy ground which gives safe access to the woods during the wet winter months.

The project was carried out at virtually no cost, but with enormous effort from the volunteers, using coppiced sweet chestnut cut from the woods, and sandstone dug from the foundations of the nearby Barratts housing development.

Mid Sussex District Council will be erecting a boardwalk at the bottom of the steps to allow walkers to cross the final muddy patch safely.

You can follow the progress of Ashplats Conservation Group on their Facebook page

Or by checking out their website www.ashplats.org.

Pictured: Volunteers Chris Nunn and Tanya Hayman

Family fun to support the Town Mayor’s charities at Meridian Quizzes http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/family-fun-to-support-the-town-mayors-charities-at-meridian-quizzes/ Wed, 15 Oct 2014 15:33:44 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7787

East Grinstead Concert Band in Belgium http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/east-grinstead-concert-band-in-belgium/ Wed, 15 Oct 2014 09:22:46 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7829 TOWN Mayor Nick Hodges travelled to Belgium at the weekend with the East Grinstead Concert Band who played a concert in Brussels before taking part in the nightly Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate in Ypres.

Nick said afterwards: “It was a fantastic weekend. We were privileged to be there representing the town, and it was one of the most memorable events of my life.”

The Menin Gate stands over the main road out of Ypres on the route taken  by hundreds of thousands of allied troops marching to the Front in WWI.

Many of them did not return, and the haunting notes of the Last Post have been played there in their memory every night since 1928, except for a period during WWII when Ypres was occupied by the Germans.

Band members thanked everyone for their “great comments and support” including East Grinstead Town Council and the town branch of the Royal British Legion.

Community service award for fundraisers http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/community-service-award-for-fundraisers/ Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:46:23 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7825 A COUPLE who have raised £100,000 for charity were honoured with a community service award from the High Sheriff of West Sussex, Mr Jonathan Lucas, on Sunday.

East Grinstead’s John and Hilary Taylor, who were were nominated by Mid Sussex Councillor Bob Mainstone, were given their award at Ravenswood, Sharpthorne,

The event was organised by Councillor Gordon Marples, Chairman of Mid Sussex District Council, and in all 55 nominees put forward by parish, town and district councillors received awards from the High Sheriff.

John and Hilary started fundraising in 1984 and since then they estimate they have raised over £100,000 of which around £35,000 has been donated to the Blond McIndoe Research Centre at the QVH.

Since 2002, town residents have enjoyed visiting their second hand book stall in Queens Walk, which they man every Friday throughout the year.

John and Hilary have decided that this year will be their last full year, as they admit age is catching up with them, but they intend to continue with their stall on occasions during the summer months.

Festival a huge success http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/festival-a-huge-success/ Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:45:01 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7820 TOWN Mayor Nick Hodges attended the AGM of the Music and Arts Festival to hear chairman Christine Mainstone give the following report on this years very successful event.

“I have pleasure in presenting to you the Chairman’s report for the East Grinstead Music and Arts Festival 2014.

We had a very successful Festival with an increased number of entrants in each section resulting in a full and vibrant Chequer Mead.

Thank you to the section secretaries: Ann Bridle (singing), Janet Topping (speech and drama) and Carole Clark (dance). You made Chequer Mead ring with talent and enthusiasm over the four weekends. You make your roles look so easy but having worked alongside you all during the Festival, I can assure everyone your tasks are far from easy!

My thanks go to all our adjudicators for their attention to detail and for the positive remarks made to our participants.

We are only able to run the Festival with the support of our volunteers.

I extend a sincere thank you to Christine Hardisty for organising our volunteer rota.

Thank you also to Ann Mackie (membership), Ivor Humphreys (website), Lynda Goacher (minutes), Alex Leggat and Gordon Waddingham (treasurers) and Paul Johnson (vice-chairman).

An exciting change this year was to award a dance bursary worth £500 to an overall outstanding performer chosen by the adjudicator Jill Baldock.  The winner was Emily Devine and the bursary will be spent on furthering her dancing career.

I extend a special thank you to the Chequer Mead technicians for their help throughout the Festival.

A big, big thank you to Janet Gillbard who, as our secretary, works for us all the year round as well as being on duty every day at the festival from 9am to 10.30pm  ready to sort out any problems that may crop up. Janet works tirelessly planning our committee meetings, dealing with all correspondence, etc. and the organisation of the Festival itself.

Finally thank you to all members of the Festival committee.  You are all part of a very special group of people and it is great working with you.

Now it all begins again as we plan towards the Festival in 2015.”

Flower power at St Mary’s http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/flower-power-at-st-marys/ Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:43:45 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7814 DEPUTY Mayor Dick Sweatman was one of the many visitors at the Flower Festival held at St Mary’s church and school at the weekend.

Dick met the ladies of the East Grinstead Flower Club and took a keen interest in a flower arranging class for some of the younger visitors.

The stunning arrangements on display were both beautiful and, in many cases, technically challenging, with designs which included flowers, found objects, seasonal vegetables and other plant material such as conkers.

“It has been lovely to walk around such a beautiful church and to see all the wonderful work that has gone into this festival,” said Dick.

Try your hand at portraits at The Big Draw http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/try-your-hand-at-portraits-at-the-big-draw/ Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:39:51 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7810

One day strike by bin men may affect collection of rubbish this week http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/one-day-strike-by-bin-men-may-affect-collection-of-rubbish-this-week/ Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:38:58 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7808 TOWN residents have been advised to leave their rubbish bins out as usual on Tuesday – despite a one day strike threatened by Serco which may affect collections throughout Mid Sussex District.

A spokesman for MSDC said: “Whilst we will endeavour to offer some service, we expect that during the industrial action there will be disruption to our refuse and recycling collections. We apologise for any delay.

“If you are affected please leave your bin out and it will be collected as soon as possible.

“We will update our website and facebook/twitter pages as we receive further information.”

Time for tea – and celebrations http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/articles/news/2014/10/time-for-tea-and-celebrations/ Mon, 13 Oct 2014 13:36:53 +0000 East Grinstead Town Council http://www.eastgrinstead.gov.uk/?p=7796 EAST Grinstead’s community volunteers had their considerable contribution to town life honoured with the award of certificates at a celebration tea at Ravenswood organised by Mid Sussex District Council on Sunday.

Those honoured, with their citations, included:

Jenny Watson   

“Jenny has been employed by the Town Council since 2011 as a part time Gardener and works tirelessly well beyond her contracted hours every week. She is a whirlwind of winning ideas, practical from the top of her head to the tip of her green fingers. She is full of inspirational ideas and ways to get local people involved. Jenny designed the East Grinstead war memorial flower beds which won Best War Memorial planting in the South and South East in Bloom completion recently.”

Julie Mockford

“Julie is hard-working, dedicated, conscientious and caring. Longstanding volunteer on the East Grinstead Music and Arts Festival. Voluntarily ran after-school dance club for 13 years in desire to promote self confidence in young children. Julie is also a Staff Governor at Queen Victoria hospital and a Judge for South East in Bloom.”

Danny Favor

“Danny Favor has lived in East Grinstead for 14 years and is an Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioner at Queen Victoria Hospital. He is involved with many charities like the Filipino British Nurses team, who carry out community health checks and raising money for Our Lady & St. Peter church. He also raised money for the restoration of a typhoon damaged school in the Philippines, now named the East Grinstead Building.”

Chris Nunn

“Chris Nunn is the secretary of the Ashplats Conservation Group, a volunteer team, and has done much valuable work in and around Ashplats Wood. Whether it is litter picks, repairing paths and steps, or looking after the trees, Chris is looking after this valuable ancient woodland for all residents to enjoy.”

Stuart Scholes

“Appointed CEO of an investor friendly and reinvigorated East Grinstead Business Association, Stuart has improved member benefits and networking events. As Chairman of the McIndoe Statue Committee he steered the project to a successful conclusion. He established a Station Meet and Greet Visitor Service and produced an East Grinstead promotional song and video.”Christine Hardisty:

“Christine has worked tirelessly as Manager of the CVS for a number of years at a time of budget cuts and uncertainty. She has helped to reorganise the Organisation. Her band of helpers is ubiquitous. Wherever there is a meeting requiring public support Christine is always on hand.”

Derek Field

“Derek has been on the Christmas Lights Committee from day one and this year represents his 33rd year. He has worked tirelessly along with the Chairman to ensure that this event takes place every year and he takes pride and pleasure in ensuring that the town is lit up to celebrate Christmas.”

Stuart Hellier

“As one of the Contractors who has served with the Christmas Lights Committee, for over thirty years, Stuart has been the leading man and organises the troops and personally does far more than what is expected of him. Although not an East Grinstead resident, his role in contributing to the town’s celebrations will be acknowledged by this award.”

Ian Staines:

“Christmas Lights, which have brightened the town over the past three decades have been organised and maintained by a dedicated band of volunteers and Ian has been a great asset. The Chairman and Committee have been supported in running the bar at Meridian Hall which is run by the volunteers to fund the lights.”

Melvin Philips

“Melvin is the Chairman of the annual Christmas Lights Committee and has been on this committee for over 33 years. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that this event takes place every year and he takes pride in ensuring that the town is lit up to celebrate the Christmas Season. As well as the physical caring for and putting up the lights, Melvin runs the bar at Meridian Hall to pay for them. He has been the lynchpin in this truly remarkable volunteering group.”

John and Hiliary Taylor

“John and Hilary have been voluntary fundraisers for the Blond McIndoe Research Centre and other charities since 1984. For local residents their second hand book stall has been a popular place to visit every Friday in Queen’s Walk, East Grinstead. John and Hilary estimate over the years they have raised more than £100,000.”

Alice Tyrrel

“A retired school teacher, Alice volunteers her time to the Ashurst Wood Youth Club and is the community Shopping Bus driver. Every Wednesday evening she takes her wood turning equipment to the Club to encourage local youngsters  to learn new skills. She also teaches cooking.”

Dick Tyrrel

“Dick Tyrrel was Ashurst Wood’s Parish Council’s handyman for six years. He was instrumental in the Winter Management Programme and in the years of heavy snow worked endlessly clearing pavements. He carried out numerous repairs to the bus shelters and other street furniture, and was always on hand to help at village event

David Phillips 

“David (from Ashurst Wood) organises musical events in the area giving a platform for local talent. He has always supported charity events, even making his own 60th birthday celebrations into a charity fundraiser. Over the years he has involved local café and pub businesses as venues so helping local business in the process.”