Christine Mainstone

Mallaig, Windmill Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 1NB

01342 326454


CHRISTINE Mainstone is a Town Councillor for Herontye Ward.

She has lived in East Grinstead for 45 years and has 16 years previous experience as a Town Councillor during which time she was Town Mayor, Chairman of Planning, Chairman of Amenities & Tourism and involved in making many important decisions for East Grinstead including the design of Chequer Mead.

She is also Chairman of the East Grinstead Music and Arts Festival.

Christine is proud to be an honorary Friend of the Guinea Pig Club and regularly links up with the former airmen and their families to help keep the connection with East Grinstead.

“I want, to take up the challenge of taking an active part in improving our town. We are fortunate to live in East Grinstead and there are many aspects we need to protect, but we must look to the future and make sure the town develops in the best possible way.”

Adam Reeves

The Spinney, Coombe Hill Road, East Grinstead, RH19 4LZ

01342 887635


ADAM Reeves represents Herontye ward on the Town Council.

Since joining the Council around four years ago he has taken an active role within the Council on a number of important areas.

He opposes Gatwick’s expansion and large housing developments as he feels any development in East Grinstead needs to be ‘sustainable’ for current and future generations.

“I believe we need better infrastructure right now to address issues such as traffic relief for our very congested roads and more places at our schools and doctors surgeries.”

He is also passionate about small business entrepreneurial success. “My career running a local financial services business has allowed me to take on roles helping to oversee the Town Council’s finances to help ensure value for money for the taxpayer,” he said.

Dick Sweatman

81 Estcots Drive, East Grinstead, RH19 3YW

01342 322743


DICK Sweatman represents Herontye ward on the Town and District Councils.

He has lived in East Grinstead for the past 30 years and was elected Town and District Councillor for Herontye ward in 2011.

“I was tasked with organising the Queens Jubilee Parade through East Grinstead in 2012, and from that evolved the free summer events programme at East Court,” he said.

He has been involved in many community and planning issues and holds a ward surgery at St. Barnabas Church on the last Saturday of the month.