Mid Sussex District Council, whose offices are at Oaklands, Haywards Heath, RH16 1SS (tel 01444 458166) are the local planning authority for East Grinstead.

East Grinstead Town Council is a statutory consultee in respect of all planning applications received by the District Council for the civil parish area of East Grinstead. This means that elected Town Councillors serving on the Town Councils Planning Committee have the opportunity to consider all plans received and to forward their recommendations to the District Council. It needs to be emphasised that it is the District Council that determines whether planning permission should be granted or not. In reaching a decision the District Council considers the planning issues involved, their own local plan policies, planning guidance issued by central government and all recommendations received from consultees including the Town Council, East Grinstead Society, local neighbours and others.

The Town Council’s Planning Committee meets in open session in the Council Chamber at East Court, on a three weekly basis. Most meetings are held on Mondays. A copy of the plans list detailing the applications to be considered at the meeting is posted on the notice boards at East Court and in the High Street by no later than the Thursday morning immediately preceding the meeting. Each Planning Committee meeting includes a maximum of 15 minutes at the beginning for public question time. This is an opportunity for the public to attend and question their elected representatives about an item on the agenda or some other planning issue in the town. The public are not allowed to participate later in the meeting when the plans are being considered. Members do however welcome receiving copies of written representations that groups or individuals might have sent to the District Council outlining views on specific applications. Whenever these are received elected Members are apprised of the content prior to their consideration of the plans in order to inform the democratic decision making process.

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