East Grinstead Town Council strongly believes in the benefits of effective partnership working in the best interests of the local community. Such partnerships can entail joint funding of initiatives on a multi-agency basis, the transference of services to outside organisations to generate both local consumer ownership and savings to local taxpayers, and the creation of private companies and/or Trusts to deliver services at arm’s length from traditional local government. Examples of all three types of partnership have been introduced successfully in East Grinstead and include:

  • Closed Circuit Television. There are 12 cameras in East Grinstead Town Centre. These are linked to the Sussex Police Headquarters (Mid Sussex Division) at Lewes. They provide evidential material to aid prosecution, are deterrence to criminals and give public reassurance. Initial capital funding came from the Town Council, Mid Sussex District Council, Sussex Police, Local Businesses and the Home Office. Ongoing revenue funding is the primary responsibility of the Town and District Councils.  CCTV is currently being reviewed across Mid Sussex with a new contract expected in 2018.
  • Community Grants. In recent years the Town Council has given small grants to Community and Sports Clubs in order to enhance the facilities in the town. Grants are awarded in September and December with recipients of Community Grants being presented with the cheque at a meeting of the group and Youth Sports recipients invited to the January Council meeting to collect the cheque. An application form and further information is available from the Town Council offices and web site.
  • Allotments. The allotment sites at Mount Noddy and Imberhorne were both transferred to local independent Associations. The benefits included long term security for tenants, improved standards of maintenance, local determination of rents, increased take-up of plots and savings to Council taxpayers.
  • East Grinstead Museum. The Town Council purchased a local building, the former Market Hall in Cantelupe Road for use as a local Museum. The building was then sold to the East Grinstead Museum Trustees, upon which the Town Council is represented, for a nominal sum with full reversionary rights should the Museum cease to operate as such.  The new Town Museum in Cantelupe Road, which opened in 2006, is a splendid addition to the Town’s leisure and cultural facilities. Further information on their own web site or telephone 01342 302233.
  • Chequer Mead Arts Centre Trust Ltd, a sole custodian Trust, was set up by the Town Council in April 2005. In 2016 a new CIO was established where the Council no longer have a trusteeship but do nominate up to 5 trustees to their board.  The Council continues to make an annual grant for the running cost of the Centre and are the landlord of the building.

West Sussex County Council

East Grinstead Town Council has a contract to deliver some highways works such as twitten clearance, weed spraying, fly post removal and road sign cleaning.  Although we do receive a payment from West Sussex, we deliver the works to a higher standard than West Sussex demand therefore creating a partnership to undertake the service but delivered to a standard our residents would wish. West Sussex also fills up the grit bins once a year for residents to keep local roads clear of ice during winter.

Mid Sussex County Council

Mid Sussex pays us to replace street name signs, they collect rubbish from litter bins and dog waste bins, which we supply around the town.


With West Sussex and Mid Sussex Councils we also deliver the Tourist Information desk in the library.  West Sussex gives us the space free of charge.  Mid Sussex give us an annual grant and we provide the service.  Our Town Promotions team, who provide tourist information, give guided walks and talks, create brochures and guides and also organise events such as East Court Live and Feast Grinstead.