Chequer Mead Theatre

Chequer Mead Community Arts Centre was built by East Grinstead Town Council in 1995/96 at a cost of £2.41million, including site acquisition and fees. The bulk of the funds came from the Town Council with the Arts Council of England Lottery Fund and Mid Sussex District Council contributing additional funding. At the time of its development this was the largest capital project, in funding terms, developed by any Town or Parish Council in England or Wales.

The Centre comprises a magnificent 340 seat Theatre with 210 seats in the stalls and 130 seats in the circle. In addition the complex comprises a dedicated art and exhibitions gallery, three meeting rooms, a studio room, a magnificent restaurant/cafeteria/bar and the usual backstage accommodation.

Chequer Mead

Tim Ronalds Architects of London designed the Centre. The exceptional quality of the design was recognised by RIBA with a national award. Martin Smith and Foster, an East Grinstead company, built the Centre and the Quantity Surveyors were A.L.Smith Partnership of Haywards Heath.

Chequer Mead is run as a charity by East Grinstead Town Council, the sole custodian trustee. The Centre has rapidly built a first class reputation for itself as a venue with a wide educational remit and hosting high-class community and professional performing and visual arts. Further information can be found on the centre’s own web site, by telephoning on 01342 325577 or by visiting the Centre in De La Warr Road.