The Council offices will be closed from 4pm Friday 28th April 2017 and will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 2nd May 2017


Details of the current East Grinstead Town Council members can be found below.

Town Mayor

Cllr Bob Mainstone

Deputy Mayor

Cllr Julie Mockford

Leader of the Council

Cllr Mrs Jacquie Russell

Council Members

Margaret Belsey - Baldwins

Gotwick Farm, Holtye Road, East Grinstead, RH19 3PP

01342 321574

“Since my previous election as a Town and District Councillor I have been busy assisting residents in respect of personal, housing, highway, planning and financial issues.

In 2013 I had the honour to be elected Mayor and represented the Town at numerous events.”

Margaret has sat on two Scrutiny Committees at Mid Sussex District Council, and on the Public Services and Finance & General Purposes committees at East Grinstead Town Council.

She also works in the family’s firm of insurance brokers in East Grinstead, and is a Trustee of the town branch of Age UK

Liz Bennett - Ashplats

39 Copse Close, East Grinstead, RH19 3EF

01342 301007

“I’ve served as a Town and District councillor since 2007 and I’m dedicated to this town of East Grinstead as I have lived here all of my life.

I live on the Stone Quarry Estate with my two amazing daughters Emily 14 and Daisy 10. I know what it’s like to have to make ends meet and I genuinely care about people and want to help.

I’m keen to listen and to express the views of the people I represent and I want to make the wisest decisions I can, because I’m part of this community. I feel it’s important to be involved and to strive for a good quality of life for everyone.

I am most fulfilled in my work when I can make a difference to a resident’s quality of life.”

John Dabell - Ashplats

“Wits End”, 43 Mindelheim Avenue, East Grinstead, RH19 3US

01342 317745

JOHN Dabell is the Conservative councillor representing Ashplats ward on the Town Council.

A former Royal Navy flyer, he completed more than 30 years in business as a Nestle Business Manager, and has lived in East Grinstead for three decades years.

The untimely death of his son in 2004 inspired an annual memorial match between the sixth formers of Imberhorne and Sackville schools, and John says his affinity with young people has led him to various leadership roles with them over the years.

“After retiring from business, I was encouraged by my daughter, a local primary school teacher, to begin a second career as a Study Supervisor at Imberhorne School, where I am also actively involved with ‘careers’.

“I’m a Governor at Queen Victoria Hospital and at Felbridge primary school. And as an active Christian, I’m on the PCC of St John’s, Felbridge.

His main concern is “to see the best of the town conserved as we carefully manage an inevitable move forward, to improve housing, job and living opportunities.”

Danny Favor - Ashplats

7 Barn Field Place, East Grinstead, RH19 3FD

01342 410244

DANNY is an Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioner at the Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

After graduating in the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, he continued his Ophthalmology Nurse Specialist studies at King’s College, London.

He has lived in East Grinstead for 15 years, and is Chairman/Founder of the Extra Care Team, a health and wellness initiative that provides free health screening check-ups for members of various community groups, supports various charities and is active in numerous community organisations in and around the town.

Danny received a Community Service Award 2014 from Mid Sussex Districts Council and was awarded the prestigious Presidential Award 2014 by the Republic of the Philippines for his outstanding public and charity works.

Nick Hodges - Baldwins

Wellbourne, 75 Lingfield Road, East Grinstead, RH19 2EP

01342 300113

NICK Hodges, who was East Grinstead’s 2014/2015 Town Mayor 2014 is East Grinstead born and raised.

He attended St Mary’s and Sackville schools in the town and is now partner in a solicitors’ practice in Redhill.

Married to Lucy, the couple have a daughter, Olivia, who attends St. Peter’s school.

Nick was elected to the Town Council in 2011, and has served as Chair of the Charities committee since 201, and also as Vice Chair of Public Services.

Nick said: “I love being able to put back into the town that has been so good to me.”

Christine Mainstone - Herontye

Mallaig, Windmill Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 1NB

01342 326454

CHRISTINE Mainstone is a Town Councillor for Herontye Ward.

She has lived in East Grinstead for 45 years and has 16 years previous experience as a Town Councillor during which time she was Town Mayor, Chairman of Planning, Chairman of Amenities & Tourism and involved in making many important decisions for East Grinstead including the design of Chequer Mead.

She is also Chairman of the East Grinstead Music and Arts Festival.

Christine is proud to be an honorary Friend of the Guinea Pig Club and regularly links up with the former airmen and their families to help keep the connection with East Grinstead.

“I want, to take up the challenge of taking an active part in improving our town. We are fortunate to live in East Grinstead and there are many aspects we need to protect, but we must look to the future and make sure the town develops in the best possible way.”

Bob Mainstone - Imberhorne

Mallaig, Windmill Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 2DY

01342 326454

BOB Mainstone is a Town and District Councillor representing Imberhorne ward.

He has represented Imberhorne for eight years, served as Deputy Mayor and chaired the Town Council Planning Committee.

A tireless worker in the community many local organisations benefit from the time Bob is prepared to give to them and his vast experience in education has given him a clear understanding of the needs of young people and families.

Many residents will know Bob from his teaching career at Imberhorne School. He was Head of Lower School for many years and also a governor.

Bob is a supporter of local business, and works with the East Grinstead Business Association and the Young Enterprise scheme.

He values the importance of the Town Museum and Chequer Mead to the residents, and is a trustee of both organisations.

Sport features high on his interests and he retains links with East Grinstead Rugby Club as a vice-president.

Edward Matthews - Town

3 Dexter Drive, East Grinstead, RH19 4SU

01342 301002

EDWARDS Matthews is town councillor for the Town ward, and represents Copthorne and Worth at Mid Sussex District Council.

He spent his early life in Reading and moved to Mid Sussex when he was employed as Chef/House Manager to a large country estate located just outside East Grinstead.

Now retired, he spends much of his time representing the local community.

He was a Governor at Estcots County Primary School for several years which he enjoyed, and has been a member of Copthorne Village Association since 2011.

He was first elected to Mid Sussex District Council and East Grinstead Town Council in 1995 and has been re-elected to MSDC every election since then.

He has served on a variety of committees and has a special interest in Planning issues

Edward was elected Town Mayor for East Grinstead in 2002/2003, and what little spare time he has is spent on his passion for gardening and reading.

Julie Mockford - Baldwins

35 Dorset Avenue, East Grinstead, RH19 2AB

01342 325552

JULIE is Chair of East Grinstead in Bloom, a Staff Governor at the Queen Victoria Hospital and Secretary of the Imberhorne & Baldwins Neighbourhood Panel.

“I was born and bred in East Grinstead, as were both my parents and grandparents. I am immensely proud of my local heritage, and I truly care about ensuring the community’s survival and growth for future generations including my own children and grandchildren, who also live locally. I both work at, and support, the renowned Queen Victoria Hospital.

“Forging links within our community to improve our town is vital. I am a passionate, driven and conscientious, and will listen to what our community wants.”

Norman Mockford - Town

35 Dorset Avenue, East Grinstead, RH19 2AB

01342 325552

NORMAN Mockford was born and bred in East Grinstead, in the Baldwins ward, and is a Director of Blindmasters UK.

Norman is the Chairman of the Imberhorne and Baldwins neighbourhood panel and campaigns tirelessly to help others in the community, and is very proud of its achievements so far.

He is also Treasurer of East Grinstead in Bloom, regularly seen volunteering around the town, he is passionate about his local environment.

Norman was a member of the East Grinstead Lions, and enjoyed his time volunteering on their Book stall and manning the Saturday car park as well as other duties.

Norman’s aim is to forge community awareness so that all residents and businesses can work together for the common good of the town.

Frank Osborne - Imberhorne

Wisborough, Furze Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 2BQ

01342 322646

FRANK Osborne is on the Town Council seat to represent Imberhorne ward.

A long-time resident of the town, he served on the old East Grinstead Urban District Council and was a founder member of East Grinstead Town Council.

Always heavily involved in the community, Frank was the driving force behind the building of the Meridian Hall, and more recently led the Town Council in providing outdoor summer entertainment at East Court.

He has been, and remains, outspoken in opposing unpopular changes to the town especially in the field of Planning.

He is married with two adult daughters living locally and is the proprietor of East Grinstead Upholstery, though now semi-retired.

For the past 15 years Frank has led the ConChord Big Band which has entertained local audiences and raised many thousands of pounds for local charities.

Adam Peacock - Town

Barredale Court, Turners Hill Road, East Grinstead, RH19 4LX

07444 533028

ADAM Peacock represents the Town ward on the Town Council.

He has lived in East Grinstead for over 25 years, and since graduating has been employed in the technology and business services sectors.

A large part of that time was with United Technologies Corporation, a large US multinational company, working in Europe and South Africa.

He now has his own company, and his interests include rugby, swimming, football, cars and travelling.

“I have a positive vision for the future of East Grinstead, helping to make it more prosperous and enhancing the town’s heritage whilst at the same time recognising a sustainable approach is required for the town’s development.”

Adam Reeves - Herontye

The Spinney, Coombe Hill Road, East Grinstead, RH19 4LZ

01342 887635

ADAM Reeves represents Herontye ward on the Town Council.

Since joining the Council nearly two years ago he has taken an active role to oppose Gatwick’s expansion proposals

He also opposes the large housing developments at Hill Place Farm and Great Harwoods Farm as he feels any development in East Grinstead needs to be ‘sustainable’ for current and future generations.

“I believe we need better infrastructure right now to address issues such as traffic relief for our very congested roads and more places at our schools and doctors surgeries.”

He is also passionate about small business entrepreneurial success. “My career running a local financial services business has allowed me to take on a senior role managing the Town Council’s finances to help ensure value for money for the taxpayer,” he said

Jacquie Russell - Ashplats

Warrenside Lodge, College Lane, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3LR

07770 883381

A mother of five and grandmother of two, Jacquie has lived and worked in and around East Grinstead since 1984.

Her biggest passion is sport and she is a a qualified coaching assistant who supports the East Grinstead Athletics Club.

A campaigner for an athletics track in the town, Jacquie keeps bees and is one of the organisers of the quarterly Food Swap which encourages the community to get together, exchange ideas, recipes and home-made goods to bring the community together.

John Saull - Worsted

Little Beeches, Woods Hill Lane, Ashurst Wood, RH19 3RF

01342 822712

JOHN Saull represents Worsted ward on the Town Council.

John has lived in Ashurst Wood for 34 years with his wife and family, and their three children were educated at local schools.

In his professional career spanning 45 years, he spent 32 years with the UK civil aviation regulatory authorities, The Air Registration Board and The Civil Aviation Authority and his experience included working with the development of the Concorde supersonic airliner and overseas positions.

He served as the East Grinstead Mayor for 2011-2012 and has represented the Council on several outside organisations throughout his term as a councillor. He is President of the East Grinstead Branch of the Conservative Party

Dick Sweatman - Herontye

81 Estcots Drive, East Grinstead, RH19 3YW

01342 322743

DICK Sweatman represents Herontye ward on the Town and District Councils.

He has lived in East Grinstead for the past 30 years and was elected Town and District Councillor for Herontye ward in 2011.

“I was tasked with organising the Queens Jubilee Parade through East Grinstead in 2012, and from that evolved the free summer events programme at East Court,” he said.

He has been involved in many community and planning issues and holds a ward surgery at St. Barnabas Church on the last Saturday of the month.

Norman Webster - Baldwins

7 Newlands Crescent, East Grinstead, RH19 1LF

01342 317806

“I have lived in East Grinstead since 2001. My work background includes charity, medical equipment and running my own business. I served as Town Council Leader, prior to my appointment to Mid Sussex District Council Cabinet with responsibility for Economic Development.

In December 2013 I became Cabinet Member for Planning and now serve as Cabinet Member for Health and Community.”

Norman represents the Town Council on Queen Victoria Hospital’s Council of Governors and the East Grinstead Council for Voluntary Service, and works with the East Grinstead Business Association and Kingscote Valley Project. He is a member of Trinity Methodist Church, and a volunteer for arthritis related charities.

Rex Whittaker - Imberhorne

11 The Stennings, East Grinstead, RH19 1PF

01342 302515

REX Whittaker represents Imberhorne ward on the Town Council.

He has lived in East Grinstead for 28 years and his two sons attended Sackville School.

He is a keen and active sportsman closely involved with promoting and supporting the town’s Sports Development group.

Since being elected a Town Councillor in 2011 he has been chairman of the Planning committee, chair of the Finance & General Purposes committee, and as Leader of the Town Council has worked very closely with the Town Clerk in the day-to-day administration of Council matters.

Peter Wyan - Town

7 Clays Close, East Grinstead, RH19 4DJ

01342 313985

PETER Wyan represents the Town ward on the Town and District Councils

“My wife and I came to East Grinstead 22 years ago, drawn not only by the character of the East Grinstead but also the excellent education provided by Sackville and Imberhorne Schools for our three children.

“When asked three years ago if I would consider being a Town Councillor, I was more than happy to do so because it gave me the opportunity to work towards giving back something of what the town had given my family and me.”

Since being elected in 2011, Peter has served as Leader of the Council, Chairman of Planning, Vice Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, as a Member of the Project EG Group and the Sports Developments Council, and also as Chairman of the Amenities and Tourism Committee.